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Sponsored by Akbank Out of work We host two different guests on each show in our Instagram Live series. On the one hand, there are people who are at the forefront of digital art, design and creativity, and on the other hand, there are people from young startups and a dynamic industry. We hear how they combine their ideas, creativity and competencies with the elements of the digital world, which is why they traverse in this way.

The third show in the Out of Work series took place on March 10

The livestream with guests who have done seminal work in their own fields was posted on Akbank’s Instagram. on account is taking place. Moderated by Bigumigu’s editor-in-chief Yalçın Pembecioğlu, guests also participate in the broadcast from their own accounts. Öykü Özgencil, INCOMPLIT founder, and creative director Gökhan Yücel were our guests at the third program in the Out of the Work series that took place on March 10th.

A conversation with Öykü Özgencil and Gökhan Yücel about their work and projects

The first guest of the post is Öykü. INCOMPLITHe began the conversation by explaining what he intended to do. INCOMPLIT, who labored painfully with women and children, constantly encountered people in physical locations. Different alternative studies were also conducted with names from the creative sectors, culture and the arts, which became a more disadvantaged group after the pandemic eliminated collection practices.

Öykü mentions that one of the issues that raised her awareness during the period of the pandemic was working with more local groups instead of doing production and workshops in a common area. In Her Shoes, the e-book Short Stories from the Quarantine Days, and the book titled Cotton Princes and Sleepless Beauties, a product of the collaboration with Meltem Şahin, are among the works discussed.

the story is selfish

The first talking point focused on protecting Turkey’s cultural heritage since 2014 with a musical guest is another Gökhan Yücel Anatolian Rock Renaissance Project is an art project called. Gökhan says 155 songs have been designed so far. He collects the stories he has written since the beginning of the pandemic in his book, Things without things. He mentions that the pandemic process has a disciplinary aspect and states that the preparation and completion of this book is proof of this. He emphasizes that doing things from home makes time management easier. He also shares the cover design prepared by Barış Sarhan and Murat Kalkavan for their book, which will be released in late March, and the dynamic version of the design on the live stream. Gökhan Yücel’s e-newsletter called Zihin Seli, which was also mentioned in the post, from here Available for you.

Our broadcast, where we received two guests, lasted about an hour. You can watch the full broadcast from Akbank’s Instagram account below and access the chat details.

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