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Sponsored by Akbank Out of work We host two different guests on each show in our Instagram Live series. On the one hand, there are people who are at the forefront of digital art, design, and creativity, and on the other, there are people from young startups and a dynamic industry. We hear how they combine their ideas, creativity and competencies with the elements of the digital world, which they go through in this way.

The second show in the Out of Work series took place on February 18

Livestream with guests who have done seminal work in their own fields is Akbank’s Instagram. on account is carried out. Moderated by Bigumigu’s editor-in-chief Yalçın Pembecioğlu, guests also participate in the broadcast from their own accounts. In the second program of the Out of work cycle held on February 4 I bet! Founding Partner Orhun Canca Y Picnic jobsFounder’s Architect / Artist Atıl Aggündüz we had guests.

With a number of subscribers that exceeds 185 thousand, I bet!

Orhun Canca, the first guest to connect to the broadcast, talks about how Aposto! And in what field it serves. Describe the major changes in your own life and your business life in the last year. Orhun says they are trying to deliver a new digital media experience that revolves around ezines, and states how valuable the social and communication environment in the office is in this process. Highlight that it is a good time to look at the pros and cons of the remote work model and the office work concept and strike a balance between the two designs.

One of the important statistics that Orhun mentioned in the publication is the number of subscribers that exceed 185 thousand monthly. I bet! You have the opportunity to reach different users through podcasts, ezines, mobile apps, and websites, helping to increase this number.

orhun canca

Atıl Aggündüz digital art experiences

The architect and artist Atıl Aggündüz, one of the founders of Piknik Works, was another guest at the event. Emphasizing that last year was a year in which everyone learned to learn, Atıl talks about how his work and life were reorganized in this transformation.

At the invitation of the Swedish Institute, Atıl shares their work giving examples of how they can produce solutions for people who produce in physical spaces in this new period, as in the performance series “Performative Drawing # 2”, which they made. in Stockholm.

Our broadcast, where we received two guests, lasted about an hour. You can watch the full broadcast from Akbank’s Instagram account below and access the chat details.

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