Outside of work – Mustafa Namoğlu and Banu Akgül Bigumigu

Organized under the patronage of Akbank Out of work We host two different guests on each show in our Instagram Live series. On the one hand, there are people who are at the forefront in the field of digital art, design and creativity, on the other hand, there are people from young startups and dynamic industry. We hear how they combine their ideas, creativity and competencies with the elements of the digital world, which they go through in this way.

The fourth program in the Out of Work series took place on March 25

The livestream with guests who have done seminal work in their own fields was posted on Akbank’s Instagram. on account is taking place. Moderated by Bigumigu Editor-in-Chief Yalçın Pembecioğlu, guests also participate in the broadcast from their own accounts. In the fourth program in the Out of Business series that took place on March 25, you can manage your physical stores, marketplace sales, and e-commerce from a single program. Co-founder and CEO Mustafa Namoğlu and the team, allowing them to carry out and follow up on many jobs at the same time. ConectoHub Co-founder and CEO Banu Akgül was our guest.

Our guests tell of the changes in their personal lives and their advances in business life during the pandemic.

The first guest, CEO Mustafa Namoğlu, talks about his life and developments in his company. The cloud-based merchandising solution, which enables SMEs to go about their day-to-day operations quickly, is going through a very busy period during the pandemic period. Mustafa emphasizes that his clients regularly increase each month during the period of the pandemic. For this reason, the team of 12 people increases to 42 people.

Eliminate a new e-commerce infrastructure, said Mustafa, with this initiative both in Turkey say they will compete with large companies on a global scale. When it comes to jobs that make a difference during the period of the pandemic, he says that watching videos that focus on personal development in all the topics of his time has been a great contribution to him during the period of the pandemic.


Our second guest, Banu Akgül, talks about the purpose and actions of establishing the ConectoHub business management and performance platform. ConectoHub is establishing itself right at the beginning of the pandemic period. In addition to the advantages of this situation, there are also disadvantages. Banu says that this situation gives them a way to develop and advance faster. He informs that they will continue working on the hybrid model in the next processes.

Ebru says they set out to improve corporate efficiency. Managing business with objectives, doing what is important and measuring these values ​​are the keys to efficient production. He emphasizes that during the period of the pandemic, he had a healthier order in his personal life and this contributed greatly to him.

Our broadcast, where we received two guests, lasted about 30 minutes. You can watch the full broadcast from Akbank’s Instagram account below and access the chat details.

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