Our New Generation Content Consumption Habit with 4 Charts

Webrazzi Insights conducted a brief research on viewing and listening habits in January and prepared the Media Consumption Habit report. Research participants answered questions about how to watch videos, listen to audiobooks, and podcasts. You can find all the details of the Insights research here, and we share some of the highlights with you.

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Netflix is ​​the most popular in homes

According to the research results, Netflix stands out as the most common OTT service in the home with 68.3 percent. Netflix is ​​followed by beIN Connect and GAIN with 18 percent. YouTube Premium is in fourth place with 16.9 percent. 22 percent of those surveyed stated that there is no OTT service at home.

Only 27 percent of the participants only have Netflix. Platforms widely used by users with Netflix include GAIN, BluTV, beIN Connect, and YouTube Premium.

The combined usage of Netflix and Gain is 21.7 percent, while the combined usage of Netflix and blutv shows at the 21 percent level. When we look at usage together, it is remarkable that Netflix and beIN Connect and Netflix and YouTube Premium are used in the same proportion (19.9%).


48 percent of the participants use pay TV. I should point out that this rate is higher than the average in Turkey, he said.


OTT services are seen more frequently on smart TVs with 34.9%. Computers and laptops follow this relationship with 30.5% and smart TVs with 17.6%.


The report includes many important topics such as content viewing habits, concurrent activities while watching content, audiobook and podcast listening habits. You can find the rest of the report here.

Demographics and methodology

The people participating in the research are an audience that uses online content platforms or has pay TV at home. Research participants may be paying the OTT fee themselves or benefiting from an OTT paid by others at home.

The habit of constantly listening to audiobooks and podcasts was not determined among the research participants. However, there are also breakdowns in this group that are dedicated to these activities. 350 people from different demographics participated in the CAWI study.


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