Orthero, the healthcare startup founded by four ITU entrepreneurs, exports to 11 countries

The only way to fix crooked teeth, braces … Turkey’s long-term license will spend 6.5 billion pounds each year on private dental treatment. Founded by four entrepreneurs Efe Turhan, Ferit Güler, Aydın Dikkulak and Seyyid Bucak of the Istanbul Technical University (ITU) Ortherobrought a technological solution to this painful and expensive method of treatment.

The company produces transparent braces (dental braces) especially for the person on a software 3D printer based on artificial intelligence. This treats problems like perpendicularity in the teeth and tooth spacing without the need for metal braces. Since Orthero braces can be easily inserted and removed, it is not noticeable that the patient is an orthodontic treatment when viewed from the outside, and this treatment reduces the patient’s stay on the couch by 40 percent compared to metal appliances.

The dental sector is one of the areas where personalized production is more … One of the founding partners Efe TurhanThe software developed completely changed the manufacturing methods of the industry. The first national company to work in this field earned Orthero an investment of $ 2.5 million from 19 investors in three rounds in total.

This year they will expand to five more countries

As of the end of February 2021, the company serves 33,000 patients with nearly 2,500 physicians in total. It was 98 percent successful in these cases. It currently exports to Poland, Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Kosovo, Azerbaijan, the Philippines, and Algeria. Orthero’s goal is to open up to 5 countries in the EMEA region before the end of the year.

Orthero, who started working with five dentists in 2012, realized that the solution they developed worked and decided to continue the business. In 2014, Turkey brought to life the first digital orthodontic software. The corporate structure of the company changed in the last months of 2016. Efe Turhan, one of the founding partners of the company, said: “We are four founding partners. All four of us are ITU graduate engineers. We specialize in software, production and Finance. That’s why our work is mainly based on Engineering. At the back of the business, we have advanced manufacturing technologies and advanced software. We design on the computer and we manufacture on the computer. “We work like a digital factory. We produce without human contact, “he said. That is why we were able to analyze our work as an engineer. We have focused on the products used in dental treatment in the past and the slow and expensive treatment process. Thanks to the software we made, we started a process in which all the analyzes are planned in the computer ”, summarizes the location of the company.

Turhan emphasizes the following: “Orthodontic treatment with transparent braces is a treatment method that has been used for 20 years. If a patient wants to undergo orthodontic treatment with transparent plates without using metal braces, they should go to the dentist or orthodontist. “

The company’s working model explains how it works: “First, the dental molds of the dentists with whom they have contracted are scanned and transferred to the digital environment. Then the three-dimensional model of the patient’s teeth is created. This simulation is presented to Physician Approval. We custom fabricate plates. Patient wears each plate in 2 weeks and moves on to the next. “

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