Online communication platform that allows companies to provide a remote service: AssistBox

Serving as an online communication platform developed for institutions to provide a remote service to their clients. AssistBoxoffers functions such as video and teleconferencing, authentication, OCR, NFC, remote control of mobile devices, appointment and queue management.

In August 2018 Bora rose Y Yildiray Yilmaz Founded by AssistBox, currently managed by a team of 5 people. AssistBox belongs to clients with a single line of code Web site, mobile request Y Web Applications It can be integrated and work fully integrated with internal systems through API. According to the information shared, AssistBox’s 6 solutions has.

Among these solutions, people in the financial sector can open an account without having to go to a branch. can make transactions far client acquisition platformdoes not require expert and risk engineers to go to risk management remote platform for risk analysis and claims expertiseruns its physical stores online and gives customers the opportunity to shop in the comfort of home online store experience platformallows physicians to schedule checkups and exams online. telehealth platformIt allows remote intervention and resolution in the event that technical support employees experience a problem with a product such as a combi boiler, modem and customer-owned furniture in after-sales processes. remote technical support platform and is used for call center needs for the hearing impaired video conferencing platform has.

AssistBox, which has 9 business partners and 24 customers, is 670 percentIn 2020, percent 310 achieved financial growth. Assistbox among partners in Turkey Turkcell Global Bilgi, Oh Turkey, Innovate, Intertech, VeriPark Y Aksis has. We have business partners abroad in Spain, Switzerland and Azerbaijan.

AssistBox, which recently acquired a client from Spain, Sight Call Y TechVer have competitors like. In order to stay one step ahead of its competitors with its ease of use, customization and price advantage, AssistBox has received no investment to date. Fixed user using the platform or needed Annual license based on the number of lines AssistBox also offers additional services for local installation, mobile SDK and white label use.

With the aim of increasing the number of business partners and clients abroad in business development and sales, the initiative also plans to double its software team by the end of the year. Finally, AssistBox’s QNBEYONDIt was one of 8 initiatives selected for Turkey’s third term. let’s add.

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