On the stock market, Naturelgaz’s gong sounded

Borsa IstanbulBorsa İstanbul General Manager Korkmaz Ergun, Global Investment Holding and Naturelgaz The Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mehmet Kutman, the Managing Director of Naturelgaz, Hasan Tahsin Turan, the Managing Director of Vakıf Yatırım, Barış İnal, the Managing Director of Global Securities, Gül Şeyma Doğançay, and the Director of Global Investment Holding Strategy and M&A, Mehmet Ali Deniz, attended the meeting.

In his speech at the ceremony, Ergun stated that Naturelgaz is the third company to go public this year and said: “However, from the point reached, 3, 4, 5 are no longer important to us, because hopefully many companies Han will comply with your request, “he said.

Noting that they opened up another way to carry this vitality that continues this year into the years to come, Ergun continued his words as follows:

“The name of this route is ‘Qualified Investor Trading Market’, in short, we say that after the money is offered to the public in advance. Let’s say you are a company that wants to make investments with growth potential and wants to increase employment. You want to make a public offering after you arrive, but you need a capital inflow and a fund to get to this point, let’s give you this fund from the capital markets, not from the banks.

Let’s make our issue to qualified investors, collective investment companies, portfolio management companies who believe in you and trust your growth potential, we are going to take you to the stock market the next day, make your investment with this fund, increase your employment, carry out your growth, reach a certain maturity.

So get ready for the public offering, that is, get to a point where you can bid at a higher value and then go public. This is also an exit plan for portfolio management companies that trust you in the first place, that’s why we say it’s a very simple way, we don’t have any conditions, you don’t even need an explanation, your CMB issuance certificate is enough “.


Ergun noted that Borsa Istanbul opened its doors to all companies that do their job well and whose finances are fluid and invited them all, saying: “Today, a Naturelgaz has passed through this door with jet speed. It made a very successful offering.

For this successful public offering, I would like to thank the esteemed managers of Naturelgaz, the valued employees of Vakıf Yatırım and CMB and our stock exchange experts. I would like to welcome Naturelgaz to the family of our stock exchange. “


In his speech at the ceremony, Naturelgaz General Manager Hasan Tahsin Turan stated that they are always trying to grow, produce new projects and always be successful in these projects.
“Like Naturelgaz, we have always tried to grow, produce new projects and always succeed in these projects by reducing our costs and reducing our costs by giving importance to efficiency. In this direction, we have a really well-trained team with a lot of experience. .

With the public offering in the new period, we want to further strengthen our corporate identity and further strengthen our leadership in the sector. We want to continue growing by making investments that increase our capacity with the income from the public offering and by strengthening the infrastructure of our facilities, especially in CNG for automobiles and LNG. In addition, we are planning to expand abroad with some of the funds from the public offering. “

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