Oil prices outperform the UK and Greece

Citizens recently faced with rising prices for sunflower oil Ministry of Commerce from exploitation to rain complaints, Federation of Consumer Associations (lüdef) has recently been a lot of oil price increase in Turkey, the Sunflower oil and margarine prices compared to the UK and Greece arket.

According to a report in the Hurriyet Aysel Alba newspaper, the chairman of the TUDEF Food and Health Committee, Sinan, compared to the Findings of margarine made with olive oil and stored in Turkey, was also considered to be expensive. In addition, it was found that consumers paid 50 percent more when they purchased the oils in their 1-2 liter packages.

Vargı said: “The consumer who does not have money to buy 5 liters of oil has to pay 50 percent more when he buys a liter of oil. 5 liters of oil equals 13-14 lira in chain markets, while the The same oil costs 20-21 lira when purchased in a 1-liter package. Prices on internet sales sites, which are famous for “selling cheap products,” are also expensive. When shipping costs are added, a liter of sunflower oil costs 30- 35 liras. In our price comparison with the United Kingdom, two triple differences emerged between the prices of sunflower oil and olive oil: “It imports olive oil and sunflower oil and It is not even a member of the EU at the moment, “he said.

They matter

According to Vargı’s research, 1 liter of sunflower sells for 1.09 pounds on chain markets in England. When this amount is converted to TL, it corresponds to approximately 10 lira and 93 kuruş. Britain imports both sunflower and olive oil from Spain.

In the markets of Greece, 1 liter of sunflower oil sells for 1.40 EURO, that is, 12 lira. According to the survey, the territory of Turkey’s own cold-pressed olive oil co-product obtained from olives grown in 2 liters of virtual markets varies between 104 and £ 119. 1 liter of cold-pressed olive oil is sold in the markets of the United Kingdom for 2.33 pounds, that is, 23 liras and 36 kurus.


Varga indicates that margarine in Turkey is also very expensive, “the United Kingdom produced from the kilogram of sunflower oil quality-price margarine 1:38 pounds sold, that is, 13.84 TL. Find if the price of the margarine is the same quality of 18 pounds in Turkey. Lowest quality margarine and even turkey “” It is sold for 14 lira in the markets. “

Vargı warned that due to the extraordinary increase in sunflower oil prices, adulteration fraud in olive oil can also be experienced in sunflower oil. “We want the Ministry of Agriculture to focus on oil adulteration controls.”

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