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The Internet infrastructure provider Chorus, adapting the problems caused by the slowness of the Internet to real life, explains what kinds of problems can occur when we do not have a fast and uninterrupted Internet in a funny way with a commercial with examples from daily life. transported. Platform that offers a no-code development option for internet site designs Webflow Show how you make the design process easier by giving examples like Chorus.

Items that have stopped working or become dysfunctional for no reason

Where the buffalo roamWTBR) prepared by the producer If life were web design Brian L. Perkins is directing the commercial. Webflow, which wants to show that bad software makes even the simplest operations difficult, explains what makes website design easier with the film that uses humorous elements.


How difficult can it be to open the door and walk into the office, have a cup of coffee or have lunch? Based on the idea that even the simplest jobs become inexplicably complicated, Webflow compares the dysfunctional office environment to outdated and outdated software. All the interruptions that will be familiar in a web design process are conceived as real world events. Randomly determined malfunctions, image loss, and sudden errors become annoying both in real life and in the design process.

In addition to providing convenience for designers, Webflow also offers ease of use for those who have not previously designed a website or have little knowledge. Therefore, it emphasizes that people can easily get through the design process without using code.


Client: Webflow
Vice President of Marketing: Ashley Brucker-Stepien
Production Company: WTBR / Oakland, CA
Director: Brian L. Perkins
Producer: Tim Pries, Emma Jubinski
Design: Tuesday McGowan
Animation: Jake Pryor
Editing: Jonathan Flookes
Color: MFD
Music: APM
Voice: Blake Aaron Henderson

Visual: Vimeo

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