Ödeal compared the last five months with the first periods of the pandemic by volume of transactions and member businesses.

Pocket POS and Cash register POS payment institution that stands out with its products Oedealcontinues to share with the public the effects of the pandemic in different sectors and the real economy. The brand uses data from more than 42 thousand Ödeal member companies in 81 provinces between October 1, 2020 and February 28, 2021; compared to the early periods of the pandemic. The data also reflects the payment systems industry and the business in general in these difficult times. Data from Ödeal, which is a leading payment institution especially in the state of micro-enterprises and SMEs, in addition to the sectoral diversity; a sense of value in terms of reflecting Turkey in general.

The area where the increase in the volume of transactions in pocket POS is most appreciated: Shoes, bags and leather products

In the pocket POS, the last 5 months, in the first period of the pandemic, the sector with the highest increase in transaction volume was “shoes, bags and leather products” with 85 percent, while the sector with the lowest volume of transactions was “hotel, hostel, vacation” with 59 percent. town “became.” Entertainment and organization “with 59 percent and” engineering, energy, natural gas, heating and cooling “followed with 45 percent. In this area, especially the sharp drop in spending on vacations shows the clear impact of the pandemic.

55 percent decrease in motorcycle and bicycle repairs at affiliated companies

Pocket POS, in the same period, the largest increase in new member businesses was “butcher, greengrocer, deli” with 500 percent and “motorcycle and bicycle repair” with the largest decrease at 55 percent. The “butcher, greengrocer, delicatessen” area was followed by “finance, foreign exchange, jewelry” with 260 percent and “florists” with 118 percent. The five-fold increase in the number of companies “butchers, greengrocers, delicatessens” and a sharp drop in “maintenance of motorcycles and bicycles” in this area; It can be interpreted as a curfew effect.

Comparing the last 5 months with the first 5 months of the cash register POS pandemic, the largest increase in transaction volume occurred in the “press and broadcast” field with 982 percent. This area was followed by “natural products, herbalists and cosmetics” with 421 percent, “pet shop” with 262 percent and “training courses” with 230 percent. The area that fell the most was the field of “consulting and trademark patents” with 94 percent. The large increase in the fields of “press-broadcasting” and “education-training” can be explained by the increased need for personal development created by living and working at home.

The increase in members’ workplaces at cash register outlets occurred mainly in the area of ​​”butcher, greengrocer, delicatessen”

In the comparison of the cash register POS merchants in the same period, the largest increase was in the area of ​​”butcher, greengrocery, delicatessen” with 608 percent as in Cepte POS. This area was followed by “natural products, herbalists and cosmetics” with 177 percent, “collection centers” with 134 percent and “furniture and decoration” areas with 117 percent. It is noteworthy that there is no significant decline in this area and the large increase in workplaces linked to kitchen spending, just like Pocket POS. Again, the 2-fold increase in “bill collection centers” is seen as a net effect of spending more time at home.

Make a statement on the subject Founder of Ödeal Managing Director Fevzi GüngörUnderlining that the pandemic and the process of living and working at home continue to profoundly affect the way we spend, he used the following statements:

In addition to household-oriented expenses, such as cooking, natural products and bills, expenses for the development of personal training, such as press broadcasting and training courses continue to stand out. Similar trends appeared in the data we announced in late 2020. Digital products and services like Pocket POS, which enable secure remote payments, stand out because they respond to consumer sensitivities that are heightened during extraordinary times like the pandemic. We are also proud of this problem.

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