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We know illustrator and cartoonist Emrah Ablak from comedy magazines like Lemanyak, Lombak, Bone, Penguen and the Ghost of the Karikafilm series. Previously in our New Creators series we host The cartoonist creates specific digital content with analog tools using drawing with his Karikafilm series. Bringing traditional discipline and technique to digital in a unique format, the artist brings together unforgettable Turkish music and films, sometimes original stories from days gone by, in this series, using his own line.

Rebellion from a small point

The atmosphere created by the works that the artist shares with the hashtag #karikafilm has a fluid and creative content. Emrah ablaklines of Coşkun SabahHavas Istanbul, on the other hand, brings a humorous approach to a constantly suffering subject.

From successful advertising agencies Havas Istanbulis confused with HAVAŞ, a transportation company (Airports Ground Handling Inc.), due to a letter confusion. The agency, suffering the consequences of the confusion created by a tiny dot, will now be overwhelmed by this situation, showing its rebellion with the Karikafilm work created by Emrah Ablak.

The agency announced its system with the song “Havas not Havas” by Coşkun Sabah. “It’s not a big deal, but even Coşkun Sabah and Emrah Ablak rebelled against the situation. Please, a little attention, a little care.” He expresses his just reproach with his words.


Agency: Havas Istanbul
Drawing: Emrah Ablak
Music: Magicpost Production
Sound: Coşkun Sabah

Visual: YouTube

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