Nimbus as a safe alternative to the passion for motorcycles Bigumigu

Are you one of those who wants to own a motorcycle but leaves this passion for safety reasons? With its design that not only promises a safer trip, but also protects you from unfavorable weather conditions. Nimbus it may interest you. This electric personal transport vehicle is not a motorcycle, of course. It is a completely enclosed vehicle with three wheels. With its design and safety features as cool as a motorcycle, the LEF Y PodRide It is placed in a different place than closed personal transport vehicles.

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Nimbus as agile and cool as a motorcycle, and safer than a motorcycle

Toyota touted as safe city cars i-Road concept evoking Nimbus currently in the prototype stage. The functional prototype is being developed by a Michigan-based company of the same name. The two-door vehicle can carry 2 people, a driver and a passenger behind. It has a steel / aluminum body combined with a thermoplastic shell.

With a length of 91 inches (2.3 m) and a width of 32 inches (0.8 m), the vehicle is agile like a motorcycle. It is also designed with a standard that you can use legally determined parking spaces for motorcycles. However, the company plans to offer private parking spaces exclusively for Nimbus in select cities.

Because the two front wheels are leaning, it can lean like a motorcycle when cornering. This improves handling and reduces the possibility of tipping. Nimbus sets itself apart from its competitors with this feature, as the possibility of rollover is high in poorly designed three-wheelers.


Among the security features that Nimbus is planning to have; There are three airbags (one in the front, two in the side), automatic emergency braking, lane departure warning, ABS, and traction control. Optional extras include air conditioning, Bluetooth speakers, and a touchscreen control panel.

The company has already started accepting refundable deposits for the base price, which was planned to be $ 6,420. They will also offer rental packages starting at $ 99 per month. Deliveries for the US, Europe and Latin America are expected in mid to late 2022. Asian deliveries will find the year 2023.


Visual: Nimbus

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