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NFT, the non-fungible token, is one of the parts of the blockchain-powered digital economy, which has attracted more and more people recently. These tokens, which are encrypted through the blockchain network, have no equal and cannot be exchanged. A special type of token, NTF plays an important role in connecting the digitized arts industry to the blockchain infrastructure. It is being used more and more every day in the purchase and sale of digital art works. The galleries are turning into NFT markets, paper money in tokens.

A talk at NFT

Preserving the originality of the works, NFT is the subject that all artists are curious and examine. However, despite this, the number of sources that describe how the subject looks and works for artists is limited. So what is NFT, how is it used, how do artists present blockchain-based digital artworks? We discussed in detail the use of the non-fungible token system in artwork on the live stream from Bigumigu’s Instagram account last night. We spoke extensively on the subject with our two guests and answered curious questions.

Uçman Balaban and Burak Şentürk attended the live broadcast, moderated by Bigumigu co-founder and editor-in-chief Yalçın Pembecioğlu. Burak Şentürk, artist and illustrator living in Istanbul; Apple Music, Spotify, Warner Music, Apple, Red Bull, Nike, Coca-Cola, Star Wars -Disney Turkey, found that as a well-known brand in cooperation with individuals and groups. Same time KRÜW The artist, who is a member of the artists collective, recently crypto art he is very interested in your subjects. Another guest, Uçman Balaban, is a graphic designer in motion who graduated in visual communication design. Uçman, who works at his studio called VAMK, ​​which he established in London, is generally interested in music videos, animated gifs, and 3D illustration. Recently, NFT and crypto art he is very interested in your subjects.

Speaking about the history and emergence of NFT, Uçman deals with the subject in more general terms and explains in detail how the process works. Explain what benefits it offers the artist. Talk about the sales of the works and the artist’s commission. Another speaker, Burak Şentürk, was crypto art Explain how your song started, what you expected as an artist, and what you found. Explain the general market situation by evaluating the particular topic. From his own experiences, he conveys how he shared his work and how the purchases turned out.

Artists support each other

One of the first things that comes to mind as an artist may be honesty and competition in this market. Uçman and Burak similarly evaluate the perspective of other artists and buyers on newcomers to the market. One of the most striking points that the two talk about is the welcoming attention that newcomers receive. The support of the artists to each other and of the people who sell the works of art in the NFT market to invest in this field and buy new works with the money they earn encourages newcomers. Creating an environment that creates value for others increases the value of both the artists and the market.

Uçman Balaban mentions that the Twitter and Clubhouse channels are very helpful and efficient for questions that come to mind. what’s more nfts.tipsPoint out that the Discord channel is a good source for a variety of information. You can watch the full live stream, which is about an hour long, below, and you can get details on the topics discussed.

Visual: Bigumigu

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