New solo exhibition by Refik Anadol “Memories of Machines: Space” • Bigumigu

Artist and Media Director Refik Anadolis one of the biggest names in contemporary art around the world. The artist, who sees artificial intelligence as a teammate rather than a tool, processes data and turns it into astonishing visuals. Telling stories with data forms the basis of Refik Anadol’s work. Key interrelated concepts that we use to understand the universe, human senses, machines, and memory; looking through the lens of digital art and architecture. We closely follow the artist’s works and participate frequently in our New Creators event. we lodge. Refik Anadol, new solo exhibition Machine memories: space PİLEVNELİ is preparing to meet the audience in Dolapdere from March 19.

Refik Anadol’s most comprehensive solo exhibition in Istanbul, “Machine Memories: Space”

Machine memories: space in your exhibition, Refik AnadolThere will be recent works from Turkey that have not been exhibited before. The exhibition is described as the most comprehensive solo show by Refik Anadol Studio ever held in Istanbul. The exhibition presents a new conceptual framework that reveals the place of astronomical research in human history and sheds light on large data sets from space. Art lovers will be able to experience the exhibition for free and in accordance with the COVID-19 social distance rules. The exhibition will continue until April 25.

The exhibition consists of two sections entitled “Memories” and “Dreams”. Each episode addresses the space exploration of humanity from a different aesthetic perspective. The first episode, “Memories,” features a series of dynamic data tables in which Refik Anadol collects raw visual data about space that has not yet been interpreted with the help of artificial intelligence and turns it into pigments. To create the work; More than two million images recorded by ISS, Hubble, MRO space telescopes and other satellites have been used. This is the largest spatial-themed data set ever used in a work of art. The second part, “Dreams”, consists of 3D data sculptures and an artificial intelligence film installation integrated with the 15-minute venue. The artifacts reveal multiple network flows between data points formed by topologies of both the earth and other celestial bodies.

“Machine Memories: Space”, with the special support of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality; Borusan Otomotiv, which is the BMW dealer in Turkey, the subsidiary of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Culture Inc., is experiencing the Samsung Galaxy S21 and TurkishBank Series under the patronage of life.



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