New record with TL 169 million from Gedik Investment …

Gedik Investment once again broke its 30-year net profit record with TL 169 million in 2020. Based on the announced 2020 financial results, Gedik Investment’s asset size reached TL 2.5 billion with growth annual rate of 128.5 percent. The company increased its capital to TL 338 million with a growth rate of 98.6 percent. Gedik Investment, which ranks first in the list of companies with the most branches in the sector, ranked second in the category of companies with the highest number of employees, with an increase of 14.8 percent in 2020.

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Since its inception 30 years, Turkey’s leading investment institutions located among Gedik Investment, based on the financial results of the year 2020 described, increased profits by 158.2 percent and broke again the 169 million net profit of a record history 30 years. By playing an important role in the development of the Turkish capital markets, the company increased the size of its assets by 128.5 percent to TL 2.5 billion. Gedik Yatırım, with a growth rate of 98.6 percent, further strengthened its capital by increasing its capital to TL 338 million. The return on the shares was recorded at 99 percent. Continuing with its operations with its Headquarters in Istanbul, 40 branches throughout the country and close to 400 employees, Gedik Investment ranks first among the companies with the largest number of branches in the sector; It ranks second in the category of company with the most employees.

234% increase in the number of investors using the Gedik Trader app

Aiming to extend the capital markets to broad masses with the Gedik Trader app, Gedik Investment aims to enable more investors to follow the capital markets with user-friendly front faces, fast and easily accessible data, in parallel with the developments on mobile and Internet. world. In 2020, the number of investors using the Gedik Trader app increased by 234 percent.

“Our Vision: Leadership in all fields of the industry”

Noting that the number of employees increased by 14.8 percent during this period, Gedik Investment CEO Onur Topaç said: “Our vision is leadership in all fields of the sector.”

“In 2020, we increased our net profit by 158.2 percent and broke the net profit record in our 30-year history with TL 169 million. We had a very successful year for our company. We are the first establishment with more branches in the sector with 40 branches in 27 provinces, and we are in a leadership position. Turkish Capital Market Association (TSPB) The number of employees of our dynamic team in the ranking according to the data of the expanding company of the second sector. During this period, our number of employees increased by 14.8 percent. Our goal is also to be a leader in this field. All kinds of capital markets in order to make our products available to investors today, 30 years ago we set out on the road, they have also invested in investment products abroad beyond the borders of Turkey. “

“This success is the work of our employees”

Emphasizing that the company’s dedicated employees have the greatest stake in this success, Topaç said:

“The global pandemic has caused radical changes in working life. During this period, we also experienced the remote work model. I would like to thank all of our employees who easily adapt to the remote work model and work hard during this challenging epidemic. It is truly a great success to adapt to such different new working conditions and achieve such high profitability. This great success is the work of our employees. “

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