New Peugeot Bigumigu logo

The winds of logo change have been blowing through the auto industry for the past few years. Volkswagen, which has switched to a more modern and simple logo, has gone from the three-dimensional appearance to a transparent design and, as part of the digital transformation, the logos are minimalist. preferences they had done. Kia Motors, wanting to emphasize the brand’s growing determination and ambition, on the other hand, with its upward and symmetrical lines, launched its new logo and tagline earlier this year. had announced.

Peugeot, a car manufacturer since 1890, is also taking part in this change. The French brand, which began working producing hand tools in 1810, changed its logo, which was last updated in 2010.

10 years ago Changing The logo attracted attention for its dynamic and fluid structure. In 1975 designed The logo-based design was updated in 1998 and revamped in 2010 with minor changes. Thanks to the matt and chrome coating, while creating a metallic effect, a contrast is created at the same time. The design, which has been a leader since 1975, gives way to a design similar to the lion logo used in the 1960s.


Bringing clients seeking reputation and prestige to its target audience, the company updates its logo in this context. The new logo, which will be the brand’s eleventh logo, focuses on the lion’s face that reflects power and power. There is no clear information on whether the new logo will apply to all models or only to high-end models. As Peugeot prepares to launch the new 308, the new logo is also expected to be used on this car.

In recent years’ logo change movements, unique, flat designs are brought back to life. How did you find the new Peugeot logo?

Visual: Twitter, Peugeot

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