New peak in Bitcoin: surpassed $ 56K

The highest volume unit of the cryptocurrency markets posted a new peak of $ 56,425.22 in support of the rise in institutional purchases, while the total market volume surpassed the $ 1 trillion mark of $ 50.58 billion; Hence, Bitcoin joined the trillion dollar assets.

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According to the Cointelegraph report, MicroStrategy, which currently owns 70,000 Bitcoin, has confirmed that it will buy $ 900 million this week to further increase its assets, and BlackRock, which is listed as the world’s largest asset manager with approximately $ 7 trillion. , it is too. getting ready to invest in Bitcoin.

After testing the new high at $ 52,533.91 on Thursday, Bitcoin retreated slightly to $ 51,000 on incoming profit selling and then rallied on Friday. Bitcoin, which fluctuated between $ 51,669.71 and $ 56,425.22 in the last 24 hours, increased 8.68 percent to $ 55,819.62, while the unit’s weekly gains were calculated at 17.23 percent. . The total market volume of Bitcoin increased by approximately $ 88 billion from $ 952 billion to $ 1 trillion 39.37 billion.

With the effect of increased corporate purchases, the total market volume exceeded the $ 1.0 trillion limit for the first time in history on January 7 and the $ 1.5 trillion limit for the first time on February 15. Total market volume has increased from $ 1 trillion 574.74 billion to $ 1 trillion 721.6 billion, with an increase of approximately $ 146 billion in the last 24 hours.

In the crypto money markets, while the value of 13 units fell from the highest volume of 100 units in the last 24 hours, there was no drop among the top 10 units.

Bitcoin accounted for 60.4 percent of total market volume across 34,269 markets, where a total of 8,528 cryptocurrencies were traded. 24-hour trading volume across all markets increased from $ 142 billion to $ 173 billion.

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