New application against ‘fake posts’ from Twitter

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In a written statement from the official Twitter blog, it was claimed that a new program has been launched that allows users to notice misleading information in posts and write notes to share alternative information.

Regarding Birdwatch in the test phase “Please note the publication that you think contains false information”. It was noted that it was developed as a layout where an expression such as the form of an expression would be added to posts, so that you could warn other users about the exchange and add alternative information on the topic.

The new app will also allow third parties to score points for a post believed to contain false information.


In the announcement made on the corporate account called “Twitter Support”, the following statements were made:

“We invite everyone to sign up and participate in this program. The larger and more diverse the group, the better it will be at handling misinformation effectively. We need your help on this.”


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