Netflix Presents Final Balance Sheet for 2020

Netflix, which serves in the online streaming industry, is expected to announce its fourth quarter financial reports for 2020 on January 20.

According to the text that Netflix shared with its shareholders in the third quarter of 2020, an increase of 6 million subscribers is expected in the fourth quarter of 2020. In this case, the number of global subscribers is expected to reach 201.15 million. Thus, annual growth of 20.4% in the number of subscribers is among Netflix’s expectations. In the third quarter, where pandemic conditions continued, Netflix had a performance of 195.15 million subscribers, with an increase of 2.20 million and an annual growth of 23.3%.

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Earnings Per Share


The company’s earnings per share is expected to be $ 1.47 in the relevant period. The highest forecast is $ 1.64 profit and the lowest forecast is $ 0.98 profit.


Company revenue is expected to be $ 6.627 billion in the relevant period. The highest estimate is $ 6.813 billion and the lowest estimate is $ 6.538 billion.

Net profit

The net profit of the company is expected to be $ 752,667 million in the relevant period. The highest estimate is 842,000 million Dollars, the lowest estimate is 721,000 million Dollars profit.


When we evaluate Netflix share price technically in the short term, we follow the region 508 – 515 supported by 89 period exponentially moving Envelopes. As the stock price continues to form below the 508 – 515 zone, the negative expectation may prevail. If the desire for decline continues, decreases to the 499.50 level can be recorded. If this level is broken, pricing for the 495.00 and 490.00 levels may occupy the agenda. Meanwhile, the 490 region supported by the trend channel sub-region may draw an outlook that limits downward pricing.

If downside pricing is limited at 499.50, recoveries towards 508 level may be recorded. Downside reactions can be recorded from this region, as the upturns that may occur are under pressure in the 508 – 515 region. Therefore, in order to consolidate the positive expectation, it may be necessary to see the 515 level and 4 hour closures above the 515 level. The levels that could be encountered in this case were recorded as 522 and 530.

Source: CNBC-E

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