Netflix is ​​working to prevent passwords from being shared

One of the most popular digital video platforms in the world. Netflixcontinues to grow day by day and increasing the number of users. The platform is now working on a very different feature, such as blocking password sharing.

Before, you have definitely asked a friend for a password for any digital subscription or received such a request. Viewing just one piece of content or using a membership that our friend doesn’t use often so that it “doesn’t go to waste” is an action many of us take, I’m sure. Here Netflix wants to avoid this with its work. First of all Shared by Streamble According to the information, Netflix notes that if you do not live in the same house as the account owner, you will need your own subscription to use that account.

I don’t think there is any problem with accounts with 4 or 2 screens, but personally, I have one thing in mind: Can’t I use my account on a device other than the one I have defined? Because when we look at the Netflix membership packages, we can use the account on more than one device even in the most basic membership option, so if Netflix launches such a feature, how will this problem be solved? I’m waiting excited.

We share that sharing has increased not only on Netflix but also on subscription services, on the Webrazzi Insights content that we published last year. The one-year increase was notable on the Netflix side at 14 percent. In the past, Netflix didn’t do much to stop password sharing, as its strong growth in subscriber numbers was mitigated by higher revenue. Netflix now, More than 200 million global users It seems likely that it will decide to take action on this issue to maintain the growth trend after the pandemic.

The Netflix spokesperson made the following statement on the matter:

We are running a test to find out if people who use Netflix accounts are allowed to use these accounts.

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