Naturelgaz goes public (to collect the demand from March 25 to 26)

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Affiliate of Global Investment Holding Naturelgaz General Manager Hasan Tahsin Turan stated that recent market activity has not changed his plans and that this is a process that can always be found.

Stating that they have taken important growth-oriented steps in the last 4 years, Turan said:

“Our final public offering rate will be 30 percent. We reserve 60 percent for individual investors, 30 percent for corporate and 10 percent for foreign investors. Recently, there is serious demand on the individual side. We also have the expansion of the investor of the base company and a large number of people, thus, we balance the corporate and the individual, we do not have a situation in which we abandon our plan and we do not have exchange risk.

We make all of our natural gas purchases in Turkish lira and all of our expenses are also based on Turkish lira. Therefore, currency movements do not affect our operation and this is a very important plus. The institutions that lead our IPO also say that the dynamics of the public offering market is different from that of the stock market and that interest in the company will continue. Therefore, we will collect the demands as part of our plan from March 25 to 26 “.


Turan stated that Naturelgaz is the leader in the natural gas sector and that they transport liquefied natural gas (LNG) and compressed natural gas (CNG) to many places such as factories, companies, universities and hospitals in regions where pipelines do not reach.

The districts also noted that they take the Turan gas transportation routes, “This was done the last 4 years in Turkey and our market share in this area is very high. 51 We are taking the natural gas district in this way. We gas natural leads how we deliver GNC and there, the gas distribution company ”, he said.

Turan, Turkey and the other lines of business still, but see growth potential for natural gas vehicles in their infancy, said the CNG supply.

Stating that the carbon footprint of natural gas vehicles is much lower than that of diesel vehicles, Turan said they anticipate growth in this area.

“There are projects that we are planning abroad. Our goal is to do the first in Africa and we are planning to bring CNG to diesel generators used for electricity production. Within the framework of our business areas and plans, 50 percent of The income we will obtain from the public offering will be provided by CNG, LNG and automatic CNG to stations, facilities and we will use it to increase the capacity of our handling equipment.

We acquired SOCAR LNG at the end of last year. We have about 30 million lira of debt remaining from the financing of this transaction and we will hedge this debt with 20 percent of our public offering proceeds. “We will allocate 20 percent for our project abroad and we will use 10 percent to strengthen our working capital.”


Turan explained that as the number of natural gas distributors and subscribers in the districts increases, they expect a significant volume in this area.

Taking into account also that national natural gas will contribute to this growth Turan, “98.6 percent of the gas consumed in Turkey is delivered to the user through gas pipelines. 1.4 percent of the transportation routes of CNG or LNG will go, but this proportion will increase.

This proportion is around 2-2.5 percent in Europe or developed countries. In Turkey, we think ahead from that point. This increase could be greater if the area for Auto GNC grows. We expect significant growth in CNG for automobiles in the next 3-4 years, “he said.

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