National initiative that allows you to receive personalized messages of congratulations from celebrities: Popile

The development of technology continues to change our lives in all fields. This change, which we feel so much in areas such as looking, listening, reading, communicating, and working, has now even affected the gift industry. We have already mentioned in detail about Fideyo, a local initiative that sends you personal videos made by celebrities as a gift. Popile Like Fideyo, it functions as a platform that allows celebrities and their fans to interact. However, Popile donates a part of his participation to the non-governmental organizations with which he has contracted in each order.

Popile donates a part of its participation to the non-governmental organizations with which it is contracted.

Users choose the non-governmental organization to donate when placing the order. In addition, by donating part or all of their actions, the celebrities of the site have assumed social responsibility by increasing the donations that reach these institutions that operate for the benefit of the community. You can request congratulations messages from 17 different celebrities right now on Popile. The platform aims to increase this number day by day.

How does the process work in Popile?

To use the app, all you have to do is go to the Popile website and select the person you love or celebrity you want to message. Subsequently, the selected person prepares the video within 7 days, the invoice and news regarding the request are sent to the user’s email address. Once the video is prepared, a notification is sent to the user’s email address and phone; Once the order is completed, the donation is sent to the chosen institution. Even if the video is not ready, the fee is returned to the user in 5-7 business days.

Kemal tepret, Put Acar, Ismet Berkay Celik, Ertugrul Ucar Y Oğulcan Tümdoğan The Popile website, which was founded in October 2020, was opened on December 28, 2020. Popile operates with a team of 7 people. Let us remind you that no prepared infrastructure was used during development and that the entire process was done by the Popile team.

Popile, which has not yet received any investment and has made progress with its own resources, wants the system to be permanent with different functionalities as a platform that allows interaction with celebrities in the future.

To Popile from here you can take a look.

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