NASA conducts first spacewalk of 2021

NASA-affiliated astronauts conducted the first spacewalk in 2021. In a statement made by NASA, it was stated that astronaut Mike Hopkins and astronaut Victor Glover left the International Space Station (ISS) in orbit and conducted a spacewalk until the Columbus Laboratory, one of the high-tech laboratories produced by the European Space. Agency.


NASA stated that during the astronauts’ spacewalk, which lasted 6 hours and 56 minutes, the long-life batteries at the station were renewed and the Bartolomeo platform of the station produced by the European Space Agency was completed with the help of the astronaut Katie Rubins from the inside. the station. It was observed that the Bartolomeo platform, which was installed in the Colombus Module by astronauts, can connect to European land bases thanks to the independent high-bandwidth communication system.

Glover, one of the astronauts who did the first spacewalk, expressed the moments he lived in his speech with the NASA center during the spacewalk as “What a beautiful sight.” Hopkins conducted the third spacewalk.


In a statement made by NASA, he said Hopkins and Glover will conduct another spacewalk mission on February 1. Today’s spacewalk is registered as the 233rd spacewalk supporting NASA’s space station.


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