Mysterious place where Bigumigu’s ideas come from

Creative works that examine creativity have a special place for all of us. For example, with DeeKay’s signature Animator creating animation, It had attracted great attention when processing the animator’s production process. Describing the difficulties of the brief-to-review creation process The process and analyzing the inspiration process Art is theft It was one of the impressive works that started from this theme. It was one of the remarkable studies. This time, it is again a very fantastic and cute animation. It’s a messy business We learn where creative ideas come from.

Ideas come suddenly that you couldn’t imagine

It’s a messy business It begins with an interview scene. During this interview, the main character was asked “Where do you get your ideas from?” The question arises. The rest of the movie, though, that process of getting inspired and finding great ideas is delightfully satirized. It shows in a very funny way the magic trick that creative bodies tend to hide from everyone.


Nexus Studios movie shots awards las americas prepared for the named advertising awards. This short and cute animation came about when the organizers wanted a short but effective venue. The film is written and directed by Laurie Rowan. Choose a personal selection on the Vimeo movie outstanding.

Nexus Studios work from here, Laurie Rowan too from here you can follow.


Production: Nexus Studios
Writer and director: Laurie Rowan
Producer: Rebecca Archer
Executive Producer: Judy Hill
CG Head: Andy Spence
3D / 2D Generalist: Mark Davies
Character Designer: Laurie Rowan
Design: Hugo Beaurepere
CG modeling: Andy Spence and Jonathan Vuillemin
Storyboards: Laurie Rowan
Technique: Niko Rossi
3D animator: Edwin Leeds
2D Animator: Christina Nerland
CG Light: Andy Spence
Composers: Dalvir Matharu and Luke Hardisty
Sound and Music:
Studio: Brains & Hunch
Sound design: Ieva Vaiti
Music: Tom Haines
Production: Becca Laurence
Voice artists: Sean McLoughlin and Alexa Joyal

Image: Nexus Studios

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