Mustafa Karaalioğlu: the government prepares for snap elections

First the human rights action plan has been announced, then the economic reforms have been announced, but I think we really have to ask questions, it will be a long time until the elections cannot remove Turkey’s electoral campaign environment. Although the opposition naturally awaits the electoral calendar, President Erdogan has begun his electoral campaign in a systematic and decisive way. The role of renovation packages should also be to save time. Even the language of reform is so cautious that power does not take responsibility for any promises. Wishes and wishes … Also, if there is an intention to take a step, laws and decrees, even sentences that do not require a package.

The “real reform” is working on the electoral threshold and trying to break the national alliance. We have entered a period in which the government and, consequently, the Peoples’ Alliance will no longer spend overtime on any reform, advance, movement, etc. it won’t work in the first election. Let us be prepared for a long-term electoral atmosphere. Let us therefore admit to wasting time on the main problems to be solved in the country.

The period since June 24 has been no different in terms of content and quality. On top of that, the HDP has been closed, the Kurdish issue has deepened through abuses, and the democratic environment has been overshadowed. Let’s put the reforms in a single tray, and what has happened since the word reform came to the fore.

The latter weighs so much that it has produced an extravagant reform package, much less overhauled in recent months, much less in 19 years. Naturally, this will not be possible because even the degree of the Good Party, which carries the national and national certificate a week ago, was again reduced to the level of “project, traitor, crypto”. Growing accusations against the CHP, the sword of Democles at the head of the HDP, the enemies of the Good Party and, inevitably, the attempts of political engineering on the electoral law… The electoral campaign has started and will obviously develop in this direction.

The period from the day Erdogan was elected with the new system until now and from now until the elections; In other words, an electoral period has passed with daily political conflicts. We also see a clear political landscape to measure the efficiency and performance of the Presidential Government System. In a sense, CHS is focused on winning reelection and has unlimited authority to do so; For this to be possible, it is a pure ballot box system that clears all types of audits. Rather than focus on solving problems, Erdogan prefers to seize this opportunity offered by the system. If political engineering gives the result you want, it will be justified. It also predicts that this will happen. That is why he does not hesitate to increase the dose of politics he knows and it is easy to do.

Contrary to the promises of reform, the atmosphere that will require further reform will intensify from now on. We will see that the promises against reform will be fulfilled, not the promises of reform. Because while anti-reform has an extraordinarily important motivation to win an election; There are boring and restrictive reform elements like democracy, law and transparency. In addition, it does not offer guarantees of re-election in power.

It is an excerpt from the KARAR newspaper column, the full article is at this link

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