Mosaic lighting system compatible with music and screens

A modular and tactile lighting system that the user can customize on the wall by adding any number of panels to the wall. Helios Touch it was one of the most remarkable lighting designs we have included. Now it is very similar and contains other units than honeycomb units. Nanosheet shapes there is following.

Nanosheets shapes A lighting system that can also be used on both triangular panels and honeycomb panels, and in which different panels can be brought up next to each other. These are thin LED panels that the user can place on the walls if they want to create a dynamic work of art. They can be used to create different shapes, patterns, and even text, and when closed they add color to the walls, but when lit, it completely changes the mood of the room!

As well as being a Nanoleaf Shapes lighting system, it can match different fixtures and cast different lights instantly.

Nanoleaf Shapes offers unlimited customization possibilities thanks to its smart touchscreen panels. The panels can take 16 million different colors. All its functions can be controlled through the smartphone app. The LayoutDetect ™ feature allows individual LED panels to perceive the shape and design of their layout. Therefore, all the panels act as a single lighting unit and work in coordination with each other.

Once the user has made the connection of the panels, he can use the system only as a lighting medium. You can do more if you want. For example, you can connect to the speaker of your smartphone and change its colors according to the rhythm of the music you play. It can also be connected to the television and, thanks to its Match mode, it provides lighting compatible with the color tones of the screen. Let’s say you are watching the ocean documentary, it provides variable lighting in shades of blue according to the images on the screen.

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