Mosaic icons created from public stones for Bigumigu train stops

Mosaic is one of the most beautiful artistic practices typical of cities. Modern mosaics decorating potholes by street artist Jim Bachor was one of the most creative examples. A mosaic project by artist Maud Milton in London reveals the pleasant synergy that this art can create with the participation of the people of the city.

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London Overground is a commuter rail network serving the UK capital, London, and its suburbs. By Maud Milton Mosaic project called London Overground icons from Artyface and Arriva Trains London. It should also be noted that Artyface was founded by Maud Milton in 1999 to bring high-quality street art to London.

Maud Milton found a creative solution to replace workshops canceled by the pandemic

Maud and her team worked with more than 3,000 residents to create circular train icons. The task of the neighbors was to prepare the stone mosaics. They have placed mosaic icons in 10 different stations so far.

These medallion-shaped stop icons are a form of design that emerged in the early 20th century and has become a tradition in London transport ever since.

Since the project coincided with the pandemic, workshops for the construction of stone mosaics were canceled. Despite all the difficulties, Maud Milton managed to adapt her working methods to the pandemic to maintain public participation in the project. More than 150 local homes and nursing homes participated in the construction of this remote stone mosaic. Maud has prepared packages for participants to print their designs on the stones, accompanied by educational videos from Instagram. These packages contained pieces of wet clay that would later be turned into mosaic stones. After each participant applies the patterns they want to the clay pieces, these pieces are collected, baked, and ready to use. It is understood from all aspects that it is a project made with love. Because when you look closely, you can see this emotion and sincerity in the stones. You can see smiling faces, hearts, insects, and many cute patterns that reflect the imperfect perfection of the handcrafted on the stones.

Visual: Instagram

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