More Good News: Moderna Vaccine Shows 94% Efficiency

Moderna Vaccine announced that it was 94 percent effective and announced that it would apply for an emergency license. The vaccine covid moderna Moderna vaccine also applies for an emergency license. News of vaccines developed against the COVID-19 virus that shook the whole world come one after another. We look forward to the vaccine against the pandemic, which deeply affects humanity and which we are trying to overcome together. Vaccines developed for Covid-19 will have the title of the earliest developed vaccine when fully used.

Test results of Moderna’s Covid-19 vaccine confirmed that it had 94 percent efficacy, and no serious side effects were encountered in the patients. The US company submits data to relevant units in the USA, Europe and the UK for emergency license. The United States is expected to consider the vaccine license at the Food and Drug Administration’s meeting on December 17th.

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Same day order from England UK had previously purchased 5 million doses of vaccine for the Moderna vaccine, the day the vaccine announced the intermediate results, the country ordered 2 million more has ordered 7 million doses of vaccine. However, the full supply of the vaccine is not expected until March. On the other hand, although the company has made agreements with many countries, the USA will have priority. Moderna said she expects 20 million doses of vaccine to be available for the US by the end of this year. Moderna aims to produce 500 to 1 billion doses globally in 2021.

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