Moody’s: Expect Twice Participating Banks in Turkey

In the Moody’s statement, it was noted that the establishment of the Participation Finance Department within the Office of Presidential Finance would benefit the sector.

Turkey in the share of bank assets last year 54 increase in reported releases to save face, “the emphasis on increasing the participation of the banking sector government banking participation and the positive contribution to the bank’s credit,” the statement said .

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Turkey in the banking market share despite the high rate of increase in the share of the statement to be low share compared to the Gulf countries, the Gulf countries in bank assets share of total bank assets in the It was found an average level of 40 percent of shares were registered.

The phrase “Starting from the December 2020 stake level of 7.2 percent, banks in Turkey expect the presence of the future in the share of total bank assets to increase 2x in 5 years” was used.

The statement said: “The government regards the development of participatory banking as a fundamental basis for the Istanbul International Financial Center.”

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