Mobius: very good moment of the reforms in Turkey

Turkey economic reform package“The reforms are definitely very important elements and the timing (for their implementation) is very good,” said 84-year-old US investor Mobius.

Noting that the crisis environment created by the new type of corona virus (Covid-19) epidemic can become an opportunity, Mobius said: “Using these times of crisis is a good way to implement reforms. Because people can accept changes more easily. So I think it’s the perfect time to reform ”.

Underlining that global economic growth will reignite in 2021, Mobius said: “I think this year will be a very good one as vaccines are released. I think there is a very important factor here; people are beginning to tire of quarantine practices. They do not believe that quarantine practices are really necessary. I think you will see a revolution against governments that continue to fear the epidemic. The combination of all these points to a good result this year ”.

Recalling that US President Joe Biden approved the $ 1.9 trillion financial aid package, Mobius said: “American consumers get huge amounts of money. In addition to the world’s largest economy, we see that China is doing well. Global growth will improve and this will affect emerging markets. So we see that most emerging markets are doing well, ”he said.

“I think it would be the OPPORTUNITY IN TURKEY”

The expected recovery in 2021 in the global economy and the increase in liquidity would be a positive reflection pointing to Mobius in Turkey, “Of course, the stabilization of the currency and whenever we see a stronger Turkish lira against the US dollar, Turkey will be just as successful. ” . Earlier this year, the Turkish lira strengthened against the US dollar, but has now weakened. I hope stability wins and this is good for Turkey, “he said.

Noting that Turkey’s economic outlook offers opportunities for investors in 2021, Mobius “I think there will be good opportunities in Turkey. Currently, there are investments that we have already made. We like what we see, that’s why we invest.”

Mobius noted that the world’s major central banks made frequent statements to reduce volatility in markets and increase stability recently, saying: “To be honest, you cannot achieve growth with stagnation. It grows with the change, innovation and reforms we mentioned. Therefore, I can say that the key to this (growth) is, of course, the reform program and its successful implementation ”.


Mobius, if you refer to the care of your investments in Turkey, the following phrases were used:

“In Turkey, which is only used domestically, we also focus on companies dealing with software that can be exported. It’s one of those areas. Another area of ​​interest is consumer products. Turkey has an incredible manufacturing base. “It can serve both the domestic market and the export markets. Thus, these companies managed to earn foreign exchange and at the same time increase their market shares in the country. So these two areas offer good opportunities in Turkey.”

Mobius said that Turkey, as well as India and Taiwan and mainly interested in investment opportunities in South Korea.


Recently, the international credit rating agencies to assess the positive comments on Turkey Mark Mobius, “The rating agencies in the country and the world is watching closely, which is a good development. The extent to which the reforms are actually implemented It means that organizations will change their reports quickly, with much better ratings. This will help a lot in Turkey. ” used expressions.

Mobius continued his evaluations as follows:

“The Turkish government should spend money outside Turkey already present or on the move in Turkey. In other words, they need to make this money attractive enough to invest in bonds. Especially investing in bonds related to the privatization of infrastructure; toll booths, roads, bridges and the like for self-pay. This would be a great way to raise money for Turkey’s infrastructure. “


Regarding what should be in the portfolio of a good investor, Mobius said: “I can say that stocks are very important. Of course precious metals I think so. “I believe that gold, silver, palladium and platinum should be part of a portfolio, because they are real and solid currencies and will last in time.”

Recently frequently discussed BitcoinUnderlining that ‘it is extremely speculative, Mobius said:’ I don’t care if people speculate. I think it’s fun. You see that its price is increasing rapidly. Investors should ask themselves; Do you really know the algorithm behind Bitcoin? Do you know who really invented Bitcoin? “he made his comment.

Stating that Bitcoin is a highly speculative investment tool, Mobius said: “When investing, you must know the answer. If you don’t know, it’s just speculation. Many people do not like speculation and gambling. So you have to be careful, “he said.

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