Mixed renewable energy fund offered to investors in cooperation with Is Asset Management and JP Morgan

Business Portfolio Management (Asset) and JP Morgan Asset Management (JP I), Asset Turkey’s market experience and global jpmam competition, is pleased to announce that they are combining to develop new and creative solutions for Turkish investors.

It is the Mixed Renewable Energy Asset Management Fund, the first creative product presented by the new collaboration; It provides access to global and local investment opportunities that arise with the increasing use of renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, biological and geothermal energy in line with sustainable energy policies.

As part of the cooperation that brings together Is Asset Management’s portfolio management expertise and JPMAM’s expertise in global stock markets and artificial intelligence, The determination of the global companies that will provide investment opportunities in the renewable energy sector in an inclusive structure will be made with the consulting service that JPMAM will provide to İş Portföy. Mixed Renewable Energy Fund, founded and managed by Is Asset Management It can be obtained from all TEFAS member banks and intermediary institutions.. At least 80% of the fund’s portfolio will be invested in global and local companies that better reflect the potential of the renewable energy sector.

The fight against climate change is expected to continue with growing momentum in the coming period, thanks to the decision of policy makers and countries around the world to adapt to the Paris Agreement and keep global warming below 2 degrees. Due to the trend to reduce the use of fossil fuels, the demand for the products and services of renewable energy companies is expected to increase. While companies operating in the industry, raw materials and technology sectors, which will play a critical role in accelerating this transformation, attract the attention of investors, in the first stage, about a third of the companies that will be selected for the Fund’s portfolio planned to be in these sectors.

The significant decrease in renewable energy generation costs makes energy production from renewable sources cheaper compared to fossil fuels. According to the International Renewable Energy Agency, in the last 10 years, the costs of solar and wind energy have decreased by 82% and 39%, respectively, while the viability of power generation has decreased by half the cost. of coal-based production at $ 50 per megawatt hour. The cost advantage, which makes renewable energy increasingly attractive, plays an important role in highlighting investment in this issue that will shape the world we live in.

The global shares to be invested by Is Asset Renewable Energy Mixed Fund are intended to reflect the investment opportunities that arise due to the transformation in the energy sector. Investments in the Fund’s global equities will be carried out under the advice of Yazann Romahi, CIO of JPMAM’s Portfolio Management Solutions – Quantitative Solutions team. Romahi leads a team at JPMAM that focuses on quantitative portfolio management and specializes in developing creative investment solutions based on artificial intelligence. Is Asset Management’s experienced portfolio management team will be responsible for developing the fund’s investment strategies in the domestic capital markets.

JPMAM’s proprietary themed robot called ThemeBot will review over 11,000 global stocks using natural language processing. In this process, hundreds of millions of data sources consisting of news, company profiles, research notes and official reports will be quickly analyzed and the values ​​that reflect the renewable energy theme will be determined in the strongest way taking into account financial indicators such as liquidity. , market value and profitability.

In the Mixed Fund Is Asset Renewable Energy, there will be a wide range of companies with a diversified portfolio that includes both innovative initiatives and consolidated companies in the sector. ThemeBot will ensure that companies that best reflect the renewable energy sector according to the above criteria are included in the investment group.

After ThemeBot determines the stocks that will be most suitable for Is Portfolio Renewable Energy Mixed Fund, JPMAM’s AM Solutions – Quantitative Solutions team will verify ThemeBot’s results working together with JPMAM’s experienced global equity analysts and act as a filter and additional control for stocks eligible to be included in the portfolio.

So helpful for investors in Turkey and for their contributions to discover an attractive product thanks to jpmam. Is it the CEO of Asset Management, Tevfik Eraslan?He drew attention to the importance of cooperation between two leading companies that share common values ​​such as trust and experience and continued his words as follows: “We believe that global warming is one of the most important problems in the world. According to scientific studies, the earth will be 1.5 degrees warmer in 2100 if the current situation is not intervened. It is evaluated that 20% to 30% of animals and plants will not be able to adapt to this change. In this context, we are pleased that countries are returning to the Paris Agreement. We have long attached great importance to renewable energy and low carbon emissions. To do this, we launched the venture capital fund that invests in renewable energies in 2017 and the Mixed Fund for Electric Vehicles in 2018. Like us, our investors are also concerned about the future of our planet. In this context, we decided to establish the Mixed Renewable Energy Fund Is Asset Management. We will receive advice from JPMAM on the global selection of securities for our fund. Eraslan also spoke about Is Asset Management’s new initiatives regarding thematic funds, saying: “There is a growing interest from investors in investment ideas with a specific theme. For this reason, we have brought together a significant number of thematic funds focused on technology, health, electric vehicles and gender equality in business life with investors in the last period, and we have started to increase our range of funds that will allow investors to easily access your investment ideas. Now, together with JPMAM, we are adding a new one to our family of thematic funds. I hope that our cooperation with JPMAM will be an example in the industry and contribute to the industry standards. I believe that there will be great interest in the Fund and I hope that its returns will satisfy its investors.

Claude Kruzo, CEO of JP Morgan Asset Management Switzerland, Middle East and Africa He used the following phrases: “Portfolio business with investors from participating in a joint venture in Turkey and jpmam to gain competitive benefits from being related to major portfolio management services because we are excited. The transition process to renewables plays a critical role in the fight against global warming, and the newly established fund offers investors the opportunity to share the potential offered by this important issue. “

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