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The mixed reality experience, where one side is in the real world and the other in the digital world, can place objects in the virtual environment, as opposed to the virtual reality experience that drags users into a completely digital space. Although this market is still quite expensive for individual consumers, it offers alternatives for corporate solutions. China-based hybrid glasses manufacturer Nreal in Magic jump one, Microsoft HoloLens, Focal points is working to have a share in the market where smart glasses like.

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Nreal Light is lightweight and practical

Nreal, which has also partnered with global companies including Qualcomm and LG, was founded in early 2017 by former Magic Leap engineer Xi Chu. The company’s mixed reality glasses Nreal lightallows control by following the user’s eyes or observing their gestures. Unlike Magic Leap One or Microsoft HoloLens, it stands out for its lighter and more compact structure.


Nreal is preparing to launch its mixed reality glasses for business use. The product, which was launched in Korea and Japan last year, opens to the world after meeting expectations in these countries. Nreal’s glasses launched in Korea alongside the Galaxy Note 20 and LG Velvet smartphones it was presented. Those who have Nreal Light mixed reality glasses can spend an average of 50 minutes a day with the product. I was having.

Xi Chu said that mixed reality technology is in a state of flux from watching movies on a giant screen with IMAX technology to interacting with mobile devices at home. she says. Emphasize that this process will progress gradually.

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Nreal opens to the global market by expanding partnerships

The Nreal Light MR glasses are expected to be launched on the European Union market in the second half of this year. A series of collaborations with the company, Vodafone and Deutsche Telekom realizing. On the other hand, Nreal has more competitive rivals in the US market. Magic Leap, virtual reality glasses from HTC, and perhaps Apple are among these companies.

Spatial, the virtual workspace compatible with augmented reality, which recently announced a collaboration with Nreal, is among these companies. Before us your news Anand Agarawala, CEO of this company that offers the virtual workspace that we wrote, said that Nreal Light is a product that people can use even on the street. he sees.

Nreal, which reduces the number of cameras and sensors and reduces production costs to a more affordable level, intends to make more noise in the coming periods with the move to open up to the global market, although it has received less investment than other competitors.

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