Ministry of the Interior: 206,713 workplaces and 4.47 markets were reviewed in the scope of the dynamic audit model.

In the statement made by the Ministry of the Interior, “Dynamic control model On March 6, 206,713 jobs and 4.47 marketplaces with 119,610 employees were reviewed. During the inspections, 3 thousand 82 workplaces / businesses were alerted, administrative action was taken against 3,351 businesses / workplaces and people.

The “Dynamic Control Model” was initiated by the Ministry of the Interior in order to ensure compliance with the anti-epidemic measures during the controlled normalization process. Under the dynamic audit model, weekly thematic audits by topic continue throughout the country.

In this context, first of all, on March 6, an audit activity was carried out in all provinces and districts, including places to eat and drink such as restaurants, restaurants, cafeterias, confectioneries, pastry shops and places of work / public businesses. such as coffee shops, coffee shops, field / tea gardens, associations, tavern.


In the audits in which 8,476 management personnel participated (governor, lieutenant governor, district governor, provincial / district director); 119,610 people made up of 29,689 teams worked.

Within the scope of the one-day audits, 206,713 workplaces (eating and drinking places such as restaurants, coffee shops, patisseries, patisseries, and public work / business places such as coffee shops, coffee shops, field / tea gardens, associations, taverns) and 4,047 markets / neighborhood markets, controlled high society markets.


As a result of the inspections, it was determined that a total of 983 workplaces behave in contradiction. Administrative action was imposed on 3,082 workplaces / businesses found to have acted against the measure, and 3,351 businesses / workplaces and individuals.

A total of 398 criminal complaints were filed against workplaces / companies and individuals who violated the measures. 106 vehicles were banned from operation, while 20 workplaces were banned.

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