Minister Lütfi Elvan: Loss of foreign exchange reserves due to global markets

CHP prepared a video titled “The groom is fleeing” and asked seven questions to Berat Albayrak, the son-in-law of President Erdogan, who resigned from his post at the Ministry of Finance and Finance.

In the CHP statement, 128 billion dollars missing in the Central Bank reserve were asked and “Who is silencing the boyfriend? Who is hiding what happened to the $ 128 billion? “expressions were used.

The statement made on the official CHP Twitter account was as follows:

Who silences the boyfriend? Who hides what happened to the $ 128 billion? Turkey’s real agenda is the economic crisis. The economic management of the AKP has become a national security issue for our country at this time. All the reserves of the Central Bank have been sold and the net reserve has been reduced to less than 47,000 million dollars.


Where and to whom was the $ 128 billion allocated?

– How did our foreign exchange reserve fall to minus $ 47 billion?

– Why did the dollar rise above 8 lira? Who won what? What did the people lose?

– Why did Berat Albayrak resign?

– Why was his resignation not even reported?

– Who prevents them from being held accountable?

– Who is silencing Minister Albayrak?

Elvan’s Albayrak Defense

Finance and Finance Minister Lütfi Elvan said: “I strongly condemn the unfair and inferior speeches made by the CHP.”

Elvan used the following statements in his statement on his Twitter account:

“1) Our former Minister of Finance and Finance, Mr. I strongly condemn the unfair and inferior speech carried out by the CHP against Berat Albayrak.

2) It is unacceptable to distort foreign exchange reserve transactions carried out in line with the objective of financial stability in an environment required by the extraordinary fluctuations of global markets in the conditions of the 2020 pandemic, and transform them into political material without level.

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