Minister Karaismailoğlu: The best alternative route to the Suez Canal is the “Middle Corridor”

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Minister Karaismailoğlu said that trade came to a standstill after the ship “Ever Given” ran aground. On the Suez Canal made a written statement about the latest situation.

Minister Karaismailoğlu, on Tuesday, March 23, with the flag of Panama Always given He recalled that on the way from China to the Port of Rotterdam in the Netherlands, the strong wind and the canal bank effect landed, causing the closure of the Suez Canal, one of the busiest trade routes in the world.

Minister Karaismailoğlu said: “Ever Given was stranded in a busy period when trade began to recover after the Chinese New Year, when factories in China, the world’s manufacturing hub, were closed and companies are trying to renew their stocks with the hope that corona virus restrictions will be eased in the coming months. “


Recalling that the ship’s rescue efforts are still ongoing, Minister Karaismailoğlu said: “The rescue teams closely monitor the tidal times in the region and carry out rescue efforts, especially at high tide. If the operation Rescue fails today, the location of the containers on the ship is planned to be replaced, but a floating crane with the capacity to evacuate the containers from the ship is located in the region Millions of tons of goods produced are transported to Europe through the canal from China and South Asia.

1,200 million tons of cargo are transported annually through the canal used by an average of 19 thousand ships. This figure corresponds to 8 percent of world trade. According to the company Lloyd’s List, which maintains statistics on ships in global shipping, the giant 400-meter-long ship, blocking the canal in both directions, is said to have caused an estimated $ 9.6 billion in daily damage. “This amount is calculated on the basis that westbound traffic on the canal is worth $ 5.1 billion per day and eastbound traffic is about $ 4.5 billion,” he said.

“It is seen that prices have doubled”

Ministers Karaismailoğlu, a container Considering three main trade routes stretching from China to Europe, through Turkey 10-15 days by 7 thousand kilometers of roads, 10 thousand kilometers 15 to 20 times a day by road through the north of Russia Commerce, through Suez He claimed that it sailed 20 thousand kilometers and reached Europe in 45-60 days. Minister Karaismailoğlu said: “Considering the importance of the concept of time in world trade, our country is in an advantageous position due to its location. As a result of this accident, critical goods and equipment could not be delivered to the Relevant countries Prices rose from Wednesday and caused other problems.

Last year 1.74 million of the 39.2 million barrels of crude transported by sea per day passed through the Suez Canal. Crude oil and fuel are transported in both directions in the Suez Canal. It is noted that tanker freight prices doubled due to the accident. As of the date of the accident, more than 100 tankers are still waiting at both ends.

The Suez Canal also has an 8 percent share of the global liquefied natural gas trade. “There are 3 ships full of LNG planned to arrive at the LNG terminals in Europe in the first week of April and they are currently waiting to cross from Suez to the Mediterranean.”


Minister Karaismailoğlu, emphasizing that recent events reveal the importance of creating alternatives on trade routes, said: “In this context, the most suitable route that can be an alternative to transport from the Far East-Europe on the east-west axis to Across the Suez Canal is the Caucasus region, from here to the Caspian Sea, it is the Transcaspian ‘Middle Corridor’ that reaches Central Asia and China after Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan.

With the Suez crisis, we anticipate that the historic Silk Road, in other words the ‘One Belt One Road’ project today, is the safest route in terms of cost and time.

Turkey in this project ‘Central Corridor’ is located on the so-called route. We have demonstrated our resolve in this matter when our first export train shipped to China last year crossed two continents, two seas and five countries, reaching its destination in 10 days.

The Middle Corridor is faster and cheaper than the North Corridor, another corridor, 2,000 kilometers shorter and more favorable in terms of weather conditions, shortening the transport time by about 15 days compared to the sea route. The Middle Corridor also offers important opportunities for freight traffic in Asia to reach the Middle East, North Africa and the Mediterranean region, thanks to our country’s port connections. Significant investments have been made in the logistics infrastructures of our country in this area, and our investments still continue ”, he said.


Central, where the effective corridor route if used in the current year to 600 billion dollars of Europe-China trade traffic in Turkey and economic opportunities for the assessed information can also be obtained by sharing the Karaismailoğlu Ministers of the countries of Central Asia said:

In this sense, the Middle Corridor countries should consider the Suez Canal crisis as an opportunity and take into account that the alternative to the Suez corridor is the middle corridor, and they should do the necessary work for the development of this trade route in cooperation with all countries. With its closure, its importance and value were once again understood.

The middle corridor that passes through our country and the Black Sea will be a route where world trade will develop intensively with our huge railway projects that we have implemented in recent years. The demands of our exporters and importers for alternative routes such as the middle corridor will shorten the process.

The demand for support for the recently inaugurated Ro-Ro lines, both from traders and land carriers, will undoubtedly contribute to the creation of alternative routes. With our autonomous shipping and navigation system that we will create for Kanal Istanbul, we will create the safest logistics pass in the world. There will be no failures that affect neither our country nor the global economy. “

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