MicroStrategy invests around $ 1 billion in Bitcoin

MicroStrategy bought 19,452 Bitcoins for $ 1.026 billion. The company paid $ 52,765 for bitcoin, including costs and commissions. With this new investment, the amount of bitcoins held by the company rose to 90,531.

Let us remind you that the company made an investment in bitcoins of approximately $ 2.171 billion prior to this investment. The company paid $ 23,985 per bitcoin at the time.

Michael J. Saylor, CEO of MicroStrategy Incorporated, said in a statement

“The company is focused on our two corporate strategies to grow our business analytics software business and to acquire and hold bitcoins. The company currently owns more than 90,000 bitcoins and can serve as a trusted store of value in the most widely used cryptocurrency in the world. We will continue our strategy of acquiring bitcoins with excess cash and from time to time, subject to market conditions, we may issue debt or equity in capital increases in order to use the proceeds to buy additional bitcoins. ” .

As you can see from the announcement, MicroStrategy will continue to invest in bitcoin. MicroStrategy CEO recently on CNBC In an interview he gave He claimed that even if prices decline, the market value of bitcoin will reach $ 100 trillion one day.

Companies investing in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, especially Bitcoin, continue to grow. As Bitcoin prices increase, the amount of investment made also accompanies this increase. We told you this morning that Square has invested 170 million dollars in Bitcoin. Like MicroStrategy, Square announced that it will continue its investments in bitcoin.

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