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There are frequent theories that governments or holders of global power will insert microchips into the human body to control the masses. In fact, it helps to be skeptical of everything that unfolds in the triangle of power, business, and technology. Of course, these are doubts based on some foundation. I am a witness, for example, that most people like me who are interested in the literature of George Orwell, Aldous Huxley and José Saramago, or the genre of dystopia in the cinema, do not lose sight of it. Let’s go back to the microchip issue. There will be some of you who will remember the scenarios in which we attach these microchips to our own body without knowing their true purpose. The biotech company Dangerous Things, on the other hand, has a rhetoric that will spark conspiracy theories. This company says that it can use microchips for very innocent purposes on our own body.

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Dangerous thingsIt is a cyber microchip biohacking implant retailer based in Seattle. Vitamins and supplements may not be enough to empower you over time, according to this company whose name even gives people the dilemma of “black or real humor.” The solution suggested by the company to increase your level of productivity is to microchip yourself. It may sound scary, but unfortunately it is a very good example in terms of what kind of future we are entering. Little by little we find ourselves in those dystopian scenarios that we see on the screen.

Claiming to have over 14 years of chip implant experience, the company can load your body with a syringe or needles offered by the company. RFID, NFC and NTAG sell chips. These implants can be used as electronic keys that provide quick verification for opening doors and the like. So you will never have to remember things like bank locks or passwords again.

The large microchip requires local operation and for this the user is offered a scalpel kit.

Among the products is flexMN Magic, a great NTAG chip. This is a chip that you can only use by placing it under the skin in your hand. This programmable chip is equipped with LED lights that are visible under the skin. The company stated that the flexMN transponder has not been tested or approved by any regulatory agency for insertion or use in the human body. Therefore, use of this device is at the user’s own risk. Local operation is required for this chip, so customers are advised to seek the support of a doctor or nurse.

On the other hand, for those who are willing to insert the chip themselves, a scalpel, anesthetic gel and a Pain management kit presented. This kit contains the materials that biohackers use to generate localized anesthetic pain. The company also shared photos showing how the chips are installed. Since you can’t take photos for everyone, just Link Give.

Would you like to take these chips and “install” them on your own body? Mostly I wrote in English. Because that’s the term the company uses. It must be because we are on our way to being half robot half human.

I suggest that you also look at the comments on the Instagram posts. People have actually bought them and they have already been injected. They also ran a discount campaign “3 chips for 2 implants”, can you see?

Picture: Dangerous things

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