Memories that intermingle with everyday life after a breakup Bigumigu

We have presented many short films about love and relationships. Most of these were also in animation format. for instance Ahead The named short animation focused on the inner world of a headless character and his lover trying to support him. Describing a love made of wool with ingredients made of wool A love story and address the troubled relationship of a couple doing stop-motion animation with stop-motion animation Dolls don’t cry it was also among the unforgettable. On this occasion, we are facing a non-animated short film. Entropy The film, titled, visualizes the experiences and feelings after the separation in an original style.

“Entropy” visualizes what it feels like after the break

What it feels like when a relationship ends is complex and, of course, depends on the relationship and the person. Still, to generalize, one of the most common is probably the feeling of loneliness. So where does this loneliness come from? Young Israeli director and photographer They kill portnoy, short film Entropy answer this question from your own point of view.

To make a general definition, entropy is defined as the randomness and disorder (chaos) in a system and is used in many fields, from statistics to theology. In physics, it is defined as a thermodynamic term that represents the thermal energy of a system that cannot be translated mechanically. In chemistry, the degree of disorder of the particles during a chemical reaction is called entropy. In short, scientists have entropy They measure it by the quantity requested. As disorder in systems increases, entropy also increases. In this case, the amount of useful (workable) energy decreases and the waste energy increases. How many metaphors does this last sentence have when it comes to relationships, right?

Matan Portnoy started with this approach while preparing the film. According to him, entropy in a relationship is the degree of passion and pain that is felt and turned into memories when the relationship ends. Playing with associative images in which the colors have a certain symbolism, the director tries to answer a question that he poses. At the same time, viewers are asking this question. The question is, do we end up with the memories of our loved ones when it’s all over, or do the same memories keep us from being alone? In other words, do these haunting memories after a breakup have a negative effect on us, or do they somehow become friends with us? What would you say?


Written and directed by: Matan Portnoy
Director of Photography: Tom Riechart
Production: Noa Cymerman
Publisher: Ido Zrihen
Movie Soundtrack: Soof Nikritin
Cast: Eran Ivgy, Inbal Erez
Art Director: Maayan Ladani
Assistant director: Ido Toueg
Focus puller: Mielle Lavie
Gaffer: Ashraf Joron
Gaffer’s Assistant: Tioma Tarachov
Key Handle: Ira Newman
Co-producer: Yuval Lubezky
After Effects and VFX: Rotem Shapira
Mix and Sound Design: Gal Oved
Color: Gal Issar, Lux Studio

Visual: Vimeo

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