Member of the Scientific Committee Prof. Serap Yavuz: We are about to experience the third peak with the contribution of variants

Teacher. Dr. Serap Yavuz Simsek, made statements about the course of the epidemic on Turkey’s Twitter account.

Teacher. Dr. Serap Şimşek Yavuz, recalling that the Covid-19 pandemic is in the first year, “We are about to experience the third peak with the contribution of variants. Unless still required, we are not to enter crowds, accept guests, or go to guests “We should never be without a mask, especially in crowded or closed environments.”


Yavuz emphasized that there was no definite proven pandemic due to the corona virus before, “But there is limited data that the Russian flu in 1889 may be due to the human corona virus OC43. This pandemic lasted 5 years between 1889-1895, with the most severe impact in the first year. I believe that this pandemic will not last 5 years with the power of science. Before 1 year, dozens of effective vaccines began to be used, they are closely monitored, the variants and their effects are defined, we are very close to finding effective oral antivirals, everything we need to be a little more patient and rational, “he said. .

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