Matrix will collect the demand from March 30 to 31

Fintech firm The application submitted by Matriks Bilgi Dağıtım Hizmetleri A.Ş. for the public offering of shares of the company was approved by the Capital Markets Board. In the public offering, where the demand will be charged from March 30 to 31, the sale price per share was determined at TL 28. In the Matriks public offering, shares corresponding to 38.05 percent of the capital with a nominal value of 7 million 419 thousand 980 TL.

People, institutions and organizations that operate in the field of banking and finance; Matriks Bilgi Dağıtım Hizmetleri A.Ş., which produces solutions for the data, news, analytics, order transmission and portfolio monitoring needs of markets and software for the infrastructure needs of these companies, will go public on the stock exchange of securities after public offering. Matriks, which has an established infrastructure with its know-how and innovative solutions in the financial sector, will strengthen its strength with the new partners that it will incorporate with the public offering and will take another important step towards sustainable growth.

A fintech company offered to the public for the first time

Make a statement after approval by the Capital Markets Board Deputy General Manager of Matrix Cem TutarNoting that a fintech company will be offered to the public for the first time, “The first day we were founded 18 years ago, we dreamed of publishing our own data on the stock market. Now that we are making this dream come true, we will become a strong player in the capital market with the public offering, ”he said. The amount indicates that investors who own the shares purchased in the public offering for 22 business days from the Matrix trading start date, 38.05 percent of which will be traded on Borsa İstanbul after the offering public, guarantee the buyback. of its shares, if they wish, the shareholders of the company have two. He said he will not sell on the stock market for a year and that if the company fails to achieve target earnings before interest, depreciation and taxes (EBITDA) between 2021 and 2022, the investor is betting on free shares.

3 Matriks Commitments That Give Investors Confidence

Emphasizing that Matriks cares about its investors and offers commitments to protect investors, Tutar stated the following; “We guarantee our investors that they will buy again in 22 days and that the partners of the company will not sell on the stock market for two years. However, if we fail to achieve target EBITDA levels for two years, we commit our investors to up to 20 percent free shares. According to this; During the first year, if we cannot reach 54 million 9 thousand TL, 10 percent, if we cannot reach 30 million TL, we have a 20 percent bonus share commitment. If the goal is reached in the first year, we carry our commitment to the second year, and if we do not reach the goal of 75 million 841 thousand TL, 10 percent, if we cannot reach the figure of 40 million TL, we commit to 20 percent. percent of free shares. In addition, as a policy of profit distribution; Our goal is to distribute at least 25 percent of the distributable income for the period as dividends. “

The public offering will be an important step in the institutionalization of the Matrix

In 2020; Noting that the number of data terminal users increased by 74 percent and the number of mobile product users increased by 183 percent, Matriks Deputy General Manager Cem Tutar said: “Matriks has positioned itself as part of the capital market since its inception. The public offering process is also important to make this official. Furthermore, we consider the public offering as the biggest step within the scope of the works that we have carried out in the name of institutionalization in the last 4-5 years. This process is an extremely important gain in terms of the permanence of technology companies and of being an actor in the sector ”.

According to the prospectus published on the Matriks website and the Public Disclosure Platform, the company’s net sales revenue is 70 million 548 thousand 624 TL in the 12-month period of 2019, and 113 million in the period of 12 months of 2020, with an increase. of 60.75 percent over the previous year, 410 thousand 270 TL.

Investors of Garanti BBVA Securities and all brokerage houses from March 30 to 31.MTRKS.HE‘you will be able to make a request with the code.

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