Market practice focused on food waste: eat

Fresh products that will be wasted by food companies because they are overproduced percent fifty with a discount or as a marketplace application delivered to consumers at more affordable prices. EdibleIt was developed with the dream of a world without food waste.

In 2020 Servet Akdogan Y Full moon tiger Founded by Yenir, In January 2021 began to serve. Users who download the Yenir mobile app are very plus appropriate To the price companies also generate additional income.

Yenir users, who buy the products they want through the app, go to the workplace at the specified time and receive their products. Companies waste obstacle to users with Extra for other menu items discounts they can offer.

Although it has only been 1 month since its introduction 110 companies and 3,000 users come to Yenir, so far, 200 servings of food have been wasted and returned to the economy. Foreign Too good to go Y Mixed The startup, which has competitors like, earns income from the commissions it receives from companies that sell on the platform.

Eat, mainly Istanbul later in the period to come while reducing food waste at thousands of businesses in Turkey, aims to reverse the economy’s loss of profits. If you want, you can download the Yenir app for Android. from hereyes for iOS from here, You can download it.

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