Mahmut Öğür wrote: What will AKP do now?

Why were 2 earthquake-like decrees issued on Friday night? We are still looking for the answer to this problem. The news that President Erdogan will make a comprehensive review both in the party administration and in the Cabinet after the AKP Grand Congress is voiced by all the colors of the press. For example, Sertaç Eş de Cumhuriyet believes that there will be a radical cabinet change. SABAH writer Mahmut Öğür added that the “tsunami of change” in the AKP is on the way:

What did Sertaç Eş write?

With the effect of the last two novelties, attention is paid at the beginning of the week. How will exchange rates react to Ağbal’s dismissal? “Cabinet toto” is played in messaging groups. Everyone has a closet list. Some expect a new cabinet change on Monday, some say that after the changes in congress, which will take place with the changing organizational structure, it will be the cabinet’s turn.

There is no shortage of accusations that Ağbal will be included in the cabinet, that the groom will be minister again and the scenarios in which Binali Yıldırım will be appointed as “vice president”. The source of all these scenarios is the AKP. MHP, one of the partners of the Popular Alliance, has largely developed its internal regulations. Next is AKP. The changes President Erdogan will make and the decisions he will make will determine his future.

Mahmut Öğür: The Tsunami of Change

The VII Ordinary Congress of the AK Party also coincided with this time. Therefore, all eyes will be on that congress to understand where the process and its secret will evolve.

What kind of change will be necessary and who will manage this change and how?

Here, too, we wonder what kind of change there will be in the cabinet, perhaps a little more than in the party administration. The reason for this is old habits. However, it was the first time that a different cabinet experience was lived with the Presidential Government System and, therefore, there were no changes except in two ministers. In fact, the frequent reports of “The cabinet is changing” were to no avail.

However, now there is a situation that can be called the “right time”. There are two and a half years of experience, and it has been seen how well appointed ministers from outside have performed. Will this continue or will we turn primarily to “political actors”?

The 60-70 percent change sign given by President Erdogan highlights the second option. There are even those within the AK Party who say “tsunami” and say much more. According to them, the “hurricane” that will occur on the way to 2023 will destroy or change many people from the cabinet to the party leadership, from the ministers to the general directors.

In a sense, on the way to 2023, both the party and the cabinet will restructure.

The only measure is to highlight the political actors who will establish a genuine relationship with society, especially for the cabinet and the party administration. In this regard, the change in AK Party organizations in large cities such as Istanbul, Ankara and Diyarbakır is cited as an example. No matter who you ask, the change of president and board of directors in these three provinces, which are included as a measure, is largely appropriate.

As for the new names… Much has been made of both the cabinet and the party administration for a long time in the backstage of politics. There are even those who write that “the ground will move.” No matter what he says, President Erdogan has already announced that there will be a change of up to 70 percent. Therefore, the result will not be surprising… Honestly, nobody knows much about the new name. It is said that only a large number of different names were interviewed. For this reason, it is difficult to predict.

However, it can be said that both the appointment of the new minister and the party administration will come to the fore, the former ministers and deputies who do not break their ties with politics … Of course, there are also surprising names out there, as well than the provincial president of Istanbul, they are not on any account.

Naturally, changing at least 6 to 7 ministers is inevitable. I don’t think anyone except President Erdogan or a few close names knows who will go and who will be replaced. That’s why I can’t write a name this time.


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