Lütfi Elvan meets with ambassadors of the EU member states

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The Minister of Finance and Finance, Lütfi Elvan, met with the ambassadors of the member countries of the European Union (EU).

Elvan made a presentation on “Economic Reforms” announced by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on March 12 to ambassadors and representatives of EU member countries at the meeting held by videoconference method.

The ambassadors of the member countries were present at the meeting, which took place after the intense interest received from the EU in the economic reforms.

Minister Elvan provided detailed information on “macroeconomic policies” and “structural policies”, which constitute the main body of economic reforms, and answered questions from ambassadors about the reforms.

Elven, the meeting also gave information on the general appearance of the ambassador in Turkey’s economy.

Minister Elvan said in his assessment:

“Mr. immediately share with the public economic reforms of our president, then, if investors from us receive requests for a meeting on the content of the reforms from both representatives of foreign missions. We care to fulfill these demands highly. We realize with ambassadors from EU member countries meeting today on the global economic outlook, our key indicators and economic reforms related to Turkey’s economy We shared the details and had fruitful discussions in the question and answer section.

At the meeting, we detailed our policies in the fields of public finance discipline, combating inflation, strengthening the financial sector, reducing the current account deficit, and promoting employment. We also underline that macroeconomic stability is our top priority. We will continue to report meetings on our economic reforms in the coming days. Turkey’s reforms are committed to realizing how much we share with all our interlocutors. “

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