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Fri, 19:00
HI SISTERS! After THOUSANDS of requests, I finally filmed a Cooking With James video. I decided to try and make my favorite fast food restaurant, Raising Canes, from scratch. I definitely burned it all along the way, but enjoy and find out what the finish
Fri, 17:10
This video made possible with support of Brilliant - the first 200 subscribers to go to http://Brilliant.org/MinutePhysics get 20% off a Premium subscription to Brilliant. Go to http://aatishb.com/covidtrends to explore the graph from the video yourself!
Fri, 16:01
Official video for "Wetty" by Fivio Foreign. Listen & Download “Wetty” out now: https://FivioForeign.lnk.to/Wetty Amazon - https://FivioForeign.lnk.to/Wetty/amazon Apple Music - https://FivioForeign.lnk.to/Wetty/applemusic iTunes - https://FivioForeign
Fri, 21:03
Hi guys! We filmed this a few weeks ago before we all quarantined, and I thought it would be fun to share. I’m reminiscing of us all being together. Watch my first "Who's Most Likely To..." with Victoria, Stas and Yris.

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