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The first Grand Slam tennis tournament of the Australian Open season last week just. Although there were audience restrictions due to the pandemic, exciting matches were played. However, not everyone can experience this emotion at the same rate. Almost 600 thousand people in Australia and around 285 million people in the world suffer from visual impairment or vision loss. Tennis These people cannot follow the games because the experience is mostly visual on televisions and it is too slow to give excitement on the radio.

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Action Audio converts data to sound

Action AudioDeveloping a technology that transforms game moments into 3D sound for visually impaired or visually impaired sports fans, it enables visually impaired viewers to follow the game. The technology that transmits the game in real time enriches the experience with sound. It allows you to understand which side the ball is on, its speed, its proximity to the line, if the kick is from the forehand or backhand.

Action Audio, which makes access to the game more inclusive, pours spatial data into data with experts from Monash University. Currently, in tennis various data are available such as the trajectory and speed of the ball.Hawk Eye) technology. With this data, the equipment information is transformed into 3D or stereophonic sound. Instead of hearing a single sound, it allows you to hear and interpret different voices at the same time.


Driven in the Australian Open final

In collaboration with Tennis Australia and Monash University, Action Audio had the opportunity to test this technology at the Australian Open finals with the contribution of creative agency AKQA. At the men’s and women’s finals held on February 20 and 21, spectators with visual impairments followed the match through voices. Of Action Audio on the website There are small records that explain what the sounds mean. He also shares a portion of the 2018 Men’s Australian Open final transformed into an audio experience.

Visual: Vimeo, AKQA

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