Live online training, events and consulting services market: Crowia

For more than a year, we have been dealing with a global epidemic. This period, which profoundly affects our entire lives, brought some advantages to the digital world, although it brought negativities. The business world has reduced the digital transformation that will occur in a minimum of 5 years to a period of 1 year. During this period, all the companies and initiatives that allowed us to do business remotely, online, realized significant value.

Consulting services, training and live online events 100%

During this period, we have tried and continue to try many different methods to improve ourselves, especially during the days we stay at home. It began airing on March 8. CrowiaWith your live online trainings, you are taking fast and steady steps to become a major market in this field; it also offers a good alternative for those looking for different options.

Crowia’s most basic feature that separates it from other projects in the Turkish market; The ability to provide 100 percent live online events, training and consulting services. Business partners and their specialists at Crowia range from arts to personal development, healthcare to technology, professions to sports, natural life to foreign languages, digital to finance and accounting, education and training to personal care. Can serve in 21 different superior categories. “Whatever about lifeCrowia, which was prepared to meet the needs of events, training and consulting of people on any subject with the slogan of “stands out as a platform that draws attention in its field with its infrastructure designed for 100% live meetings.

Implemented by Progem Consulting

Crowia, a Progem Consulting tried. Progem Danışmanlık, on the other hand, is a Turkish-owned company that has been providing investment consulting to hundreds of national and international public and private sector organizations since 2007. Founder of the Progem company and the Crowia brand, 15 years in the industry. Adnan HacıbebekoğluCrowia’s brand manager, an industry consultant for 15 years. Hulusi Oflas. Currently the company operates with a team of 20 people.

Crowia, the idea came about 2 years ago. In the first year, the idea development process continued; Investment studies have started in the last year. The Zoom integration was provided to the specially developed software for the project to be used in live meetings. Iyzico was chosen as the intermediary payment company and integrated into the software.

Event, training and one-on-one services can be provided through live online interviews in nearly 300 categories.

Continuing with its test broadcast from February 22, Crowia began broadcasting on March 8. At Crowia, activities, training and one-on-one services can be delivered through live online interviews in nearly 300 categories. More than 150 business partners in different areas connected to these business partners Let us underline that about 500 experts are included in Crowia.. The team believes that with the launch of Crowia these figures will reach thousands in a short time and within a year it will have more than 5,000 experts and millions of users.

Crowia is a project implemented with its own resources and has not yet received any investment. But Information was shared with us that the company’s investment negotiations are continuing.. Without a doubt, we will meet with you shortly with Crowia investment news.

Crowia income model

During Crowia’s investment preparation period, opinions were obtained from relevant public institutions and many lawyers on the revenue model, and the whole business model was created according to the market operation. Companies that are defined as business partners in Crowia and have tax obligations can participate in Crowia through its experts. Therefore, the income model is based on the distribution of shares between the business partners and Crowia.

The revenue model share is a proportional distribution between Crowia and its business partners. However, thanks to affiliate marketing, another service that the market offers to its business partners, the rate of business partners can be increased even more. The revenue model of the experts affiliated with the business partners depends on the agreement they make with the companies with which they are affiliated. Therefore, Crowia does not intervene in the process on the income model of the experts.

Crowia plans to start its first overseas market experience in 2021

Crowia’s first goal quickly to have a strong brand image in Turkey. In the short term, the aim is to include the business partners who are the best in each category and the experts affiliated with these business partners on Crowia. First month after opening It is expected that approximately 250 thousand visitors will arrive at the residence. This figure is expected to reach 1 million visitors per month in a few months. Crowia attaches importance to cooperation with universities’ continuing education centers and continues business partnership negotiations with many universities in this direction. studies, on the one hand, while continuing to target foreign markets in Turkey by investigating Crowe, First experience in the foreign market in 2021 plan to start.

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