Lithuania debates on the ‘Istanbul Convention’

Liberal-Conservative Coalition in Lithuania in Autumn Istanbul Convention and a law that legitimizes civil association for LGBT people. The struggle that arises from this has intensified over time. As in Turkey, in Lithuania the debate on the Istanbul Convention. LGBT opponents are threatening the openly gay chairman of the Human Rights Commission and have collected 300,000 signatures to fire him. On the other hand, Catholic priests are also under attack.

None of us want violence

Lithuania’s Conservative Christian Internet Portal Bernardinai Toma Bružaitė, for whom he writes, tries to calm people: “The EU Commission declared that ‘gender’ does not replace men and women. … The convention does not oblige signatory countries to legitimize other genres, nor does it threaten traditional values. All it says is that violence is not legitimized through culture, tradition or religion. I don’t think opponents of the convention really condone violence against transsexuals and homosexuals. Therefore, one must return to peace again. The Istanbul Convention only obliges states to protect all human beings from violence. We are a Christian country and I trust that our Church will continue to defend respect for human dignity. Whether there is a contract or not. “

Antiliberal morality fell into the trap of the apostles

Delphi Lithuanian society is falling into absurd myths, says one of its authors, Arkadijus Vinokuras: “Both the marital union of same-sex couples and the Istanbul Convention are seen as a sign of apocalypse. When we hear the front of the so-called “true morality”, we understand that Lithuania is wanted to be dragged into the Middle Ages. There is a public war against homosexuals, and this war is justified by the lowest fear, superstition and hatred of those who are different from them, determined by religions. And by spreading false and false information about the Istanbul Convention that ordinary citizens do not read … After doing this, it does not matter that 36 countries, including the strict Catholic Poland, Malta and Ireland, signed the convention. “

Meral Akşener Disclosure Statement: “We Will Stand Up For Truth And Truth”

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