LibreOffice 7.1 Beta 1 is Available Now for Linux, Mac and Windows

LibreOffice 7.1.0 was released on the date set for testing, with the first Beta release fixing 245 bug fixes. LibreOffice open office LibreOffice 7.0.1 Beta1 has been introduced to test users. LibreOffice, a free and open source office software, announced that it has released the Beta version of the 7th series with the new features and corrected errors in the calendar determined for testing. In the announcement, the team urges that it is a test version and should only be used for testing purposes and that testers report bugs they detect. In this case, you can report bugs related to the version via Bugzilla. LibreOffice is compatible with all other files while using the open document format. Thanks to its open source code, it offers more features and template usage with its plugins developed with the default features that come with it. While some users prefer the application due to its open source code, on the other hand, it is preferred among those who do not want to bear hundreds of dollars license costs. Some noteworthy features Some features that stand out on the official site of the application are as follows; QR code generation in versions above 7.0, Euro currency conversion wizard, data retrieval from Apple Numbers, running without institution from USB disk, visually extracting documents and using mathematical calculators in tables. You can use the link below to download and test LibreOffice 7.1.0 Beta1.

It is useful to remind again that the application is a Beta version and there is a high probability of encountering errors.

Download page

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