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Great ice sheet in the Atlantic Ocean; It functions as a natural sanctuary for marine animals such as narwhal whales, Greenland whales, and beluga whales. However, the melting of glaciers due to the global climate crisis led to the formation of new boat routes in these areas. Quadruple shipping in this region by 2025 Wait.

The increase in maritime traffic on the ocean routes of the Arctic region represents a great threat to the inhabitants of the region. In water five times faster than air Moving Although sound is important for communication in marine life, marine animals have difficulties in this communication due to pollution. Aside from the threat to the creatures’ natural habitats, the whales are completely trapped by using this region for transportation. Man-made noise seriously affects whales’ ability to find food, escape prey, navigate, communicate, and mate across oceans. Twitter describes a week-long cycle of a whale caught in ocean traffic exchange visualize the event so we can understand the situation more clearly.

WWF urges reducing noise pollution in the oceans

WWF Arctic, desiring to highlight the consequences of increased noise pollution in the Arctic region; points to a history of the past, present and future. Released as part of World Whale Day (the third Sunday in February each year), the film uses 2D and 3D animation styles.


Analyze the impact of noise on whales with data and statistics. Linetest The campaign, created by, describes the difficulties experienced by a Greenland whale communicating by voice and hunting. 90 seconds animation Canadian actor and activist Tantoo Cardinal (Cree / Métis) is giving voice to the commercial. The sounds of whales and the effect of noise pollution are visualized by animation directors Scott Jonsson and Hao Chen.

By demanding a return to the natural rhythm of the ocean, WWF Arctic is calling for legally binding regulations. Calls for the promotion of quieter technologies in transport.


Client: WWF Arctic Program
Production company: Linetest
Director: Linetest
Creative Director: Hao Chen
Editor: Linetest, WWF
Producer: Zoe Coleman
Art Director: Sean Richardson, Duncan Patterson
Animation Director: Scott Jonsson, Hao Chen
Storyteller: Sean Richardson, Christian Rubio, Jihoo Park
Design / Illustration: Sean Richardson, Melissa Cho, Sophia Ouellette, Kelly Nakamura
Animation: Scott Jonsson, Duncan Patterson, Florian Perron, Henrique Barone, Christian Rubio, Jose Pena
Composed by: Duncan Patterson
Music: Ambrose Yu
Voice: Tantoo Cardinal

Visual: YouTube, Linetest

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