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LEGO sets should be one of the things that both adults and children spend the most time on during quarantine days. Because the two new LEGO sets have attracted a lot of attention in recent months, LEGO enthusiasts are making their voices heard with colorful ideas at LEGO Ideas. Its launch is only a matter of time Vincent van Gogh: The Starry Night one of these. LEGO botanical collection and LEGO Bikeway among notable examples. One of the sets currently being voted on by LEGO Ideas and which stands out for its success. Marine life.

Marine life for LEGO enthusiasts interested in marine life

Marine life, In LEGO Ideas Recommended by a user named Brick Dangerous. The set consists of 3 animal figures: a jellyfish, a clown fish and a seahorse. There are also plants specific to marine life on the pedestal where these figures are placed. The set consists of 1,164 pieces in total.

The glass bell placed on the pedestal supports the underwater view and allows the figures to be displayed intact. Jellyfish, clown fish, and seahorses can be placed on the base in several different positions with slight changes.

The project, which was highlighted by choosing the Staff Pick of the LEGO project on February 5, crowned its success by reaching 5,000 followers on February 6. Once it gains 10,000 followers it will be reviewed by an expert and it will be decided if it can be released as a LEGO product. What do you think, would you like to have a LEGO set like that?

Picture: Lego ideas

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